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Maureen and Eve

Too bad these two can't get past their feud. Now with only the 6 "kids" alive now, I don't see any chance of a reunion with them all together in the same room. Unfortunately one of them will be a no-show. I see it being Eve because she seems the most bitter and the most distant from the others.

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Her tell-all was based on her own life and struggles. I read her book and Eve was barely mentioned, FYI.

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Actually on "The Talk" which had the guys and Susan on there, Eve sent Florence a video message.

Maureen was a no-show and sent no video message.

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Was that where Eve said Florence could tell a dirty joke like no one else?

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They’ve reconciled since the Very Brady Renovation show. They may not be best of friends but they can at least be in the same room now.

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All the girls were no-shows at different points:

Fake Cindy in A Very Brady Christmas
Fake Jan in Brady Bunch Variety Hour
Fake Marsha in The Bradys

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