Classic Film : "What Are Your Future Plans?"

"What Are Your Future Plans?"

Most of the threads I've read since The Announcement have been about The Announcement. Are you surprised? Me neither.

It would have been nice, I think, to ignore the looming Thing and have the end overtake us all carrying on as usual. On the other hand, maybe this is our usual way: give us something to obsess about, and watch us go to work on it.

The end will catch us, one way or another.

I don't plan on joining any other film discussion forums just yet. I've looked at a few; the best are,, and I haven't yet checked the reddit-sited film noir board, recommended by morisson-dylan-fan; I'll surely give that a look one day soon.

That IMDb v2.0 forum does not look good to me; for the reasons articulated by angelofvic here: If the "new user" who started that forum has really been lurking here for a long time, he ought to have known not to dismiss her concerns so blithely. Any serious answer from him would have been somewhat reassuring. As things stand, I'm steering clear of there.

I'll keep my IMDb account and username. Grand plans swarm in my imagination, to concentrate on writing reviews, and scrapping my old lists for new and better ones.

I'll add some more thoughts to this thread as my view comes clearer. Your responses are most welcome - what you think of my plans, alternatives you'd suggest, and plans you're making for yourself.

'Till later.

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Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

"Life is what happens while you're making other plans." ~ John Lennon

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Well, for the time being at least I'm not planning on joining this new site, if it all turns out to be legit and working out I may change my mind in future.

Am considering joining a couple of sites. Hope to run into some of you again in the future.

I'm also setting up my very first blog! Been considering it for a while and have finally decided to go for it. If any of you would like to check it out, leave comments and have discussions there, please drop me a pm, and I'll happily exchange emails so I can let you know when it's up and running. It might be a while yet, as it all depends when I get the time to focus on it, but am certainly going to try with it. Very excited and nervous.

All the best to you, interiorday.

Go to bed Frank or this is going to get ugly .

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

My plans are all for the past.

🇺🇸 Liberty • E Pluribus Unum • In God We Trust 🇺🇸

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Not sure yet where I'll be posting. It was nice to bump into you on the boards! You were always kind to me. You even stuck up for me on a couple of occasions. Best of luck to you wherever you choose to post in the future!

Proud to be Canadian! 🇨🇦

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

I jumped on IMDB2 . It's slow moving and just got a massive porn attack . I deleted my account.

I'm still looking.

It was a toss-up whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

I'm going out for a drink. 🍻🍸🍷

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

While on a recent break from the boards I discovered that posting images, quotes, summaries and reviews is a lot of fun so I will be continuing to do that.

As a PLUS you get all those shiny badges with ###s on them.... yah yah ,.. "we don't need no stinkin' bad-jesss"... but just the same !

Joining another forum seems pointless as it will be more of the same as long as people are people.

..... edit Feb 11.
The post below mine .. "Ole Dirty Byrd is on the charge!" says it all unless "grant" deletes it in his his usual "post an insult until they notice it" manner )

Ole Dirty Byrd is on the charge!.
by grantaubin-03404 » 2 days ago (Thu Feb 9 2017 11:03:35) Flag ▼ | Reply |
IMDb member since February 2017

Ole Dirty Byrd is on the charge!.

(smile emoticon) Hi Dirty Byrdz. Stoked to see you put that "heartfelt" quote af mine about your character on your profile page.

My dearest ... wish has been that some of them would get on your bad side and see how it feels to be targeted ...

My Dearest Dirty Byrdz - your paranoia and delusion know no bounds. It isn't me who has the problem. It is you. I'm a pretty laid back guy. Hell, I don't even think I have a "bad side".

I'm a compassionate humanist with an excess of empathy and I feel genuinely sorry for you. But really, pull yourself together man. You aren't 13-years-old anymore. Maybe have a spliff and chill. Let some of that anger go. It seems sad you would waste your last days on the boards conjuring up imaginary enemies and flaccidly flailing away as dead air. How long is it since you have slept? When last did you get laid?

The Dude Abides.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

seems to be where a lot of people who like movies are going (never assume most people on these forums fall into that category!!!). The Reddit has the merit of being moderated, though I would not think that any cfbers would be very happy if they knew who the moderators were, i.e. FedRev and buddies.

I will use a variety of forums, but feel icmforum is where its at on current assessment.

ICM Forum

Hi, oOgiandujaOo_and_Eddy_Merckx.

I just registered, and while I think the board has a lot to offer, I don't think it's the place for me. I've been trying to delete my account, but thus far I am unable to find any way to do that. Can you please advise me in that regard?

It's very frustrating and a little disconcerting, but I'm sure it's a consequence of my technological deficiencies rather than something malicious on their part. I'd really appreciate any help you can give me.

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

Re: ICM Forum

Hey dude. You're right it's not malice. I've only been there a week myself so I don't know the answer for you. But generally you can't delete accounts on internet forums, they're like databases, you don't delete a cell in a database, it greys out basically. So if you wanted to delete you would just change your username and edit out all of the personal information you put in there. Hope this helps and sorry you didn't like the forum.

Re: ICM Forum

Thanks a lot. It isn't that I don't think the forum has merit; just not sure it's the right place for me. I could change my mind in the future. Anyway, hope you enjoy your time there. Wish you all the best.

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

Re: ICM Forum

Are you still liking IMDB 2?

I registered posted, and found it sluggish . Today there was a massive porn attack. I got concerned about email security and deleted my account. Maybe I'll try it again later.

It was a toss-up whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost.


I don't know what to think. It is sluggish right now, I know. But I think it's not really up and running yet; probably will be better after our beloved imdb closes and more people migrate over there. I'm waiting to see; only posted a little in the beginning to help get things started, but I'm trying to stick here right now - though I'm also exploring other sites; so far I haven't been too happy with what I've found.

As for security on IMDB 2, I can't speak to that. It seems legit, but who can tell? I didn't give them correct information, but that may not matter -- I'm not sure it matters anywhere these days.

If we don't meet up again, I wish you well and thank you for all your terrific posts, all the way back to when you were ellenmaxwell.

The time of the singing of the birds has come.


Marshamae, I took a look at the board and found the porn attack you mentioned. I don't want to deal with that again, so I've deleted my account there. I'm starting to think maybe I'll simply not post anywhere now.

February 20 is really going to be a sad, sad day. . .

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

Re: I told you…

I told you, spiderwort, I told you...

Do you understand now why I didn't want to join any of those ersatz outfits? Didn't, don't and won't.


Re: I told you…

Actually, Aloysius, that troll was ousted in the same day, so for the time being I'm back over there. Still looking at some other sites, too, though I'm also wondering if maybe when our beloved imdb goes away I may not stop altogether. Not sure right now. It's like getting a divorce when you're still in love. . .

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

Re: I told you…

I'm glad to hear that, spiderwort. I hope you will find the right place, but personally I couldn't be more sceptical: too many wannabes, opportunists and swindlers around.

For me that would be like keep playing bridge (and I don't even know how to play it) on the lifeboat while the Titanic is sinking, or after she sank.

The CFB is a unique phenomenon, there will never be another forum or message board like this. I hope I am wrong, but I think I am right.


Re: I told you…

that troll was ousted in the same day

Who ousted him or her? And how? Unfortunately I never owned a troll 'ouster'. I do own a toaster, but I suppose that that is not enough...


He/she was ousted –

-- by the person who started the board and who is temporarily managing it. Anyway, I'm going to stick around for awhile to see how it works out. We'll see. . .

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

Re: He/she was ousted –

Oh, I see, sorry, I had misunderstood you. My fault, I was drowsy.

Again, good luck with your endeavour, spiderwort!

And now I am and I think am going to

Good night.


More about IMDB 2

Marshamae, please see my note to Aloysius re: the troll situation. I was amazed at how quickly he was ousted - in the same day. So far no others have shown up.

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Less posting, more time actually watching films.

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

The near-universal displeasure with IMDb's decision tends to confirm the conservative tenet that All Change, Of Whatever Kind, Is A Bad Thing. Paradoxically, the confirmation of that tenet would count as a Good Thing; showing that Bad Events Can Have Good Consequences. Which shouldn't surprise us: most of the lessons of experience have a paradoxical quality, if you look into it. Which also turns out to be (dammit!) a conservative tenet - although one that's as often forgotten by conservatives as by anyone else.

A have a strong feeling that lots of parsnips are not being buttered by this line of thought. I'll shift ground.

Col Needham has responded, in a few places, to our objections, saying for example:

              For years, our customers have done nothing but complain about
        how the boards are run,  what features are missing   and how angry
        they are about  how other users  have treated them.  This is reflected
        in the  relative  traffic  shrinkage  of the boards.    We have reached
        the point  where  most of  our customers  do not even  know they exist;
        many  that  do  know  about  them   have been  scared  away  after bad   

        We have lost  a non-trivial number of customers  due to bad experiences
        on the boards. This is wrong on so many levels.
I can't reasonably follow my heart and raise further objections to that reply. I know he's right. The boards as they are at present must be an impossible burden to IMDb and its main business. Acknowledging that, I'm ready to move on.

In another thread here four days ago, GlennME said:

I suspect that removing the message boards will have other negative effects. With little or no reason to visit the IMDB besides simply looking up a movie/TV show/person users will not be overly motivated to add information, correct mistakes, etc. leading to the deterioration of the database.
Glenn has as much chance of being right as anyone who ventures to predict. I recall that I used IMDb “to look stuff up” for over a year before I joined as a member; and when I joined, it was specifically because I wanted to read deeper into the message-board threads than a non-member could go; and because I was feeling the itch to reply on more and more occasions. (Although then, after I joined, it was nearly another year before I actually did post anything.)

It was a gradual process for me, from peeking to lurking, from lurking to answering the odd question or so, from that to starting a topic once in a while, from that to joining discussions . . . .

I think for me it turned into hanging out. Or to give that dog a better name, it turned into sitting in on an endless conversation. And it's not the conversation that's ending now, just the venue - the hanging out.

Pace Glenn, I think the site, the database, will survive and thrive without the boards. And what I said about his chance of being right applies to mine too.

.. ... ... .. .. ... ... .. .. ... ... .. .. ... ... ..

I haven't yet said all I meant to say in this thread. Please keep responding: you don't have to directly address a point of mine; bring up anything you feel is related, or sidetrack and switchback ideas that come to you. I've read all the replies so far, and thank you for them, and will try to answer more particularly as time allows.

So long for now, more later.

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Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

I'm hoping to join a handful of movie messageboard sites so that I may continue having great conversations about film, learning loads of new stuff and picking up plenty of viewing recommendations. And maybe I'll stumble across familiar faces as the future unfolds, like a cowboy roaming the plains in the old West.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

"Hey, ain't you the Petrolino Kid? I heard tell a'you: fastest obits west of the Rockies, they used t'say. Imagine runnin' inta you in these here parts. Climb outta the saddle and set a spell, pardner."

Poe! You are...avenged!

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Pssst dog ... didja see ???

you don't have to directly address a point of mine; bring up anything you feel is related, or sidetrack and switchback ideas that come to you.

Permission to George Hamilton !!!

Not that we would ever do such a thing !

Note to OP... just kidding !

I'll be good .. cannot vouch for that dog person though !

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Oh, you know me: I regularly slip the leash or escape from the yard.

Poe! You are...avenged!

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

FUTURE plans ... yeah ... lessee ..


One thing I shall be doing is getting the assorted threads and posts that I printed up sorted and folder-ed .... especially the "met" one... did you see m_g's great Jimmy Stewart story he added over there the other day ?

Idea brain storm...

Some of the posts 📠accompanied with pictures 📷

hey good idea...

<stalling while workin' on something about a yard long leash... got nothing.>

From the annals of the IMDB..

Thought you, and anybody reading this, may enjoy taking a little trip down memory lane. The above exchange shows how you came to be widely known as Ole Dirty Byrdz

when you are not posting graphic descriptions of your being "master of your domain" and recommending various arsty smartsy porn and S&M films (with graphic details) - Byrdz.

That is shockingly, shamefully disingenuous of you Byrdz. On a film quotes thread on the CFB, I posted a famous quote from Woody Allen's seventies classic ANNIE HALL ("Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."), and went on to give an example of how I had used this quote in real life (as others on the thread were doing - although there examples were consideringly more banal and far less joyously, unapoligetically carnal). The true life incident I described involved sex, masturbation, top quality lesbian erotica and my loving and very dear longtime partner. I do not think I am alone in enjoying lesbian erotica and having a loving, understanding and liberated partner. I hardly think it is my fault that you are either hugely sexually frustrated and massively repressed or celibate and archly conservative and tragically old fashioned. I have every right to live my life the way I do, and to express my opinions without having my rights of free expression trampled on by grumpy, dried up, humorless, curmudgeonly old fossils like you. No one is forcing you to read my posts (but how could you report me if you had me ignore?).

As I have already happily admitted, I occasionally enjoy watching beautiful ladies make love (sue me, it's not a crime), but I have no idea what you mean when say "recommending various artsy smartsy pron (sic) and S&M films".

I have recommended John Cameron Mitchell's warm, funny, erotic, groundbreaking and sexually explicit comedy drama SHORT BUS to a couple of folks on the CFB. All I can say is. If you think that the beautiful SHORT BUS - which is such a kind film, is "artsy smartsy pron (sic - I presume you meant porn, but were so busy spluttering indignantly and self righteously at the time you typed it you got over-excited and misspelled it) I feel sorry for you. Only a narrow minded prude or an extreme homophobe could find this film pornographic.

As for "S&M filsm" sic). It's simply just not true, so to suggest that is just plain lying on your part. Fact is, I am a gentle and passionate romantic soul who adores women with every iota of my being. Like Crash Davis in BULL DURHAM, "I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." And there is nothing I enjoy more than going down into a woman's Bermuda Triangle and getting lost there for as long as possible. Hell Byrdz, I am such a softie I don't even like having my back scratched during lovemaking. The "S&M" comment isn't even a thumb suck, it's a blatant lie.

You are welcome to your sexual mores and repressed ways, leave me to mine.

Unless of course you prefer to do your infamous "Ok, That's IGNORE for you !"

This is rich coming from you BYRDZ. You were the one who loudly said you were putting me on ignore - I realized that was yet another one of your banal little lies when I saw you quoting me in your profile. You BYRDZ, are the HYPOCRITE, not me. I am who I am, and I'm pretty consistent. You are just a bland, banal, lonely, bitchy, self righteous and anonymous old fogie with low esteem self issues and far too much time on your hands.

JeffersonCody .. or as you are known around the boards CodyDolt aka The Perv) [b] - Ole Dirty Byrdz

Nobody has ever called me "Codydolt" or the *"The Perv" on these forums. So I can only presume those are your terms for me BYRDZ. Or that you and some of the other anonymous losers around here say that in PMs to each other and are to cowardly to call me that to my face. Naturally, this ties in with I have been saying about you having too much time on your hands. In my opinion you are rather pathetic. So I suppose, as a humanist, I should pity you, but I prefer just not to think about you.

PPS. Full disclosure; My partner has sometimes called me "depraved", but she has only ever called me that in the sopping wet throes of passion or with a deliciously wicked, deeply satisfied smile on her face, so I have to presume she has meant it as a sincere compliment.

Re: From the annals of the IMDB..

Partner? LOL

Be easy on your kinky rubber partner or "she" may deflate and fly away.

Re: From the annals of the IMDB..

Be easy on your kinky rubber partner or "she" may deflate and fly away.

That reminds me of an old Van der Merwe joke valiant-eddie.

One day Van der Merwe was sitting on his verandah weeping and wailing in great distress, saying "my girlfriend's gone, my girlfiend's gone" over and over. Seeing his distress, his concerned neighbours rushed up to ask what had happened.

"We were lying together in bed after having sex, I was cuddling her and felt all warm and happy, so I leaned in and gave her an affectionate little love bite on the neck. And boom, she let off one hell of a fart and flew out the window.

I would be lying if I said my longtime doesn't fart from time to time valiant-eddie, but she is very real, and not only do I love her very much, I would be lost without her.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

did you see m_g's great Jimmy Stewart story he added over there the other day ?
No, I missed that one. Now, being the lazy sod I am, I'm gonna ask if you could, by any chance, save me some effort: a cursory glance hasn't revealed it, so do you have any idea what page it's on? We're just shy of the 500-post mark at this point.

One thing I shall be doing is getting the assorted threads and posts that I printed up sorted and folder-ed
I've been looking at the pages of the dozen or so "go to" favorite films whose boards I regularly check and, coming across some really rewarding exchanges, began saving some to a document folder. But the deeper I got into it, I started thinking, "Oh, fer cryin' out loud, what am I doing? I can't save everything!" So, I dunno...maybe just leave most of it to the mists of memory and hope for equally inspiring discussions elsewhere, and that I can once again conjure up whatever thoughts some once felt had merit.

Speaking of which:

Some of the posts 📠accompanied with pictures 📷
At least one of the possibilities I've been scoping out provides for that capability:

stalling while workin' on something about a yard long leash... got nothing
'S'okay. I didn't know Byrdz spent time in stalls anyway...thought them wuz fer horses.

Poe! You are...avenged!

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Your wish is my command .. try this fer Jimmy and friend

There have been some discussions that I saved as they happened ...

the letters to and from famous folk...
4th of July fireworks
some of those funny hamiltons that happened in the guess the quote games
occasionally the g_games when I would not be able to stay ... I would print the lists .. work them out and then see how I did by printing the completed game.

and of course most of the 500+ "met thread".

hey did we ever see the Glenn Ford story in print ?

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Thanks, B. that was a nice one. I thought we got the Ford story, but now I'm not entirely sure. Suffice to say that "Total Recall" will not be the title of my autobiography.

Poe! You are...avenged!

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

That might have been a good thread OP:

"What would be the title of your fantasy auto-biography if you had been famous enough to write an autobiography or have someone else write your biography because you were famous but just too too shy or too busy to write it yourself ?"

Tad too short for the thread heading but .....

I wonder how many "future plans" include biography writing ...

From the annals off the IMDB - Some of Spike's Sock Accounts!

Do you realize that this sad, silly wanker who has popped up calling himself RoyBattysTearsInTheRain is actually the self righteous, boorish veteran British poster formerly known as John Chard, Spike, Spikeopath, DoveOfPeace, JeffersonCodyTheRat, OfficeDibble etc etc. Despite his infamous, long winded - and libelous - departure speech in which he tried to turn the entire board against me he just couldn't stay away. I tumbled him by checking out his posts on Film General. And when I exposed him on the CFB this morning, he and his socks immediately reported me. So I now once again have the red warning letters.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

"Howdy pardner. I'll cook the beans if you's boil them grits. Let's eat."

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

HiYa Petro...

This seems as good a place as any to give a last while we still can.

We've had some fun. You have always been one of the good guys and I have enjoyed chatting with you for forever.. I think you were one of the first posters I actually talked to when I came out of lurk mode.

I shall happily remember our conversations.

so ... petrolino

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Hey Byrdz. Hopefully it's a long goodbye but who knows. Colonel Needham might pull the plug on us early, or perhaps the site could crash.

So without further ado, all the very best my friend. I've had a ball chatting movies with you.

Until next time ...

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Take care, petro. Hope I'm in one of those saloons along the wide and winding way.

That's all, folks!

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Take care.

All the best.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

The text on the iCM board is too small.

I like the Dark Theme on the IMDb2 board.

Re: "What Are Your Future Plans?"

Use the Ctrl-plus ("+") keys to make the print larger.