The Mandalorian : Max Lloyd-Jones *SPOILERS*

Max Lloyd-Jones *SPOILERS*

is the the actor who physically plays Luke in "The Rescue" (the voice is Mark Hamill's). I thought it was Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) who has been in talks as Luke in various future Star Wars spin-offs. Stan bears a resemblance til Mark Hamill so I think he would be a good choice.

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I bet they stick with the deep faking over random actors. It's cheaper and fans probably prefer it to a new face. I bet Solo would have done better if they could have deepfaked Harrison Ford in there.

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In a video I saw, they said it was a CGO "de-aged" Mark Hamil. I guess they meant they put the CGI of Mark Hamil on Jones's face.

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I hope that they will show Behind The Scenes footage of them filming that scene.