James Spader : Spader and Winston Churchill….

Spader and Winston Churchill….

If they ever made a movie about Winston Churchill, Spader would be a shoe-in. I never noticed the resemblance until he shaved his head and began wearing hats. His profile, especially when he puckers his lips as he often does when he frowns is spot on.

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Nope, don't see it.

I do not have attention deficit disor...Ooh, look at the bunny!

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Go back and find some old films and watch Winston. The walk, the mannerisms are all there. If Abraham Lincoln could be played by Daniel Day Lewis, they could make Spader look like Winston.

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Don't mind TimmyAnn, she just doesn't want to accept the fact that her dreamboat has aged. I agree with you, with some light prosthetics and a fat suit, Spader could totally look the part of Winston Churchill. I can already picture him hunched over and wafting a cigar about the room as he makes witty remarks ala Red Reddington. The only problem is the accent. Much as I hold Spader in high regard as an actor, he sometimes appears to have difficulty in pulling off accents. For the most part, anyway. The one time I can remember him pulling off an accent flawlessly was in Lincoln (a role for which he deserved an Oscar nom, imo).