Romance : "Blue Jay" w Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass

"Blue Jay" w Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass

If you're a fan of Paulson's acting, Blue Jay is a must see. It's on Netflix.

It is a soft film about everlasting love and reuniting with the version of yourself that you understand the most; one that you probably didn't realize you missed. It follows the same stream of consciousness that most Duplass Brothers films adopt, but it keeps it feeling fresh with the help of a luminous and scene stealing Sarah Paulson.

Our characters are full of that common, but hard to capture on screen, insecurity and awkwardness that makes adulthood so difficult. They clearly want to spend time together but are unsure of the "rules" that they must follow. Their past weighs heavily on them but their affection overshadows, at least for a time, a dark corner of it.

Duplass and Paulson have a fantastic and organic chemistry, saying more with their eyes and body language than most actors can say with a speech. You follow their trepidation with interest and root for them to find some closure or happiness, whether with or without each other, and aren't left unsatisfied. The movie's melodic rhythm drives its duration so smoothly that before you know it you are saying goodbye to characters who seem more like family than friends, both to each other and to the viewer.

A throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood, this movie is a gem to any movie lover who appreciates the art of storytelling.

Re: "Blue Jay" w Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass

It was cute. I think I only watched it because Patrick told me about it.

Re: "Blue Jay" w Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass

I’m in love with Sarah Paulson.

I wanna say all those things, those dirty things
That would be better unsaid

Re: "Blue Jay" w Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass

She's in a relationship with a 70+ year old woman. I think she has a certain type.

Re: "Blue Jay" w Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass

There's a lot more to this film than cuteness. Were you giving it your undivided attention?