The Watercooler : My Wizard Of Vegas Rant!

My Wizard Of Vegas Rant!

I am still really bitter that I was tossed like yesterday's trash after ONE fed up cussing rant which I apologized for multiple times. I loved being a Member of WOV and wish to this day I was reinstated on WOV. I tried to pretend I no longer care about being banned from WOV, but I care a lot.

I feel manipulated, played, and used. I wish Wizard would tell me why he asked me to do all those requests if he wasn't going to reinstate me. He asked me to apologize for that one time cussing rant, I did it in hopes of being reinstated. Still banned. He asked me to wish Beachbumbabs a Happy Birthday. I did in hopes of being reinstated. Still banned. I REALLY didn't want to wish her a Happy Birthday. She treated me like SHIT for three years, WHY the fuck would I want to wish her a Happy Birthday?I was made fun of for my Happy Birthday thread to her.

I even went one step further and congratulated her on her Jeopardy win! I confessed to my Socks in hopes of getting reinstated on WOV. I thought if I came clean abput those Socks, I'd be reinstated. Still banned. In fact, I was offered DT Amnesty if I confessed to all of my Socks. I did it and was able to stay on DT for a while. I made a Krazychick Sock on WOV, one that didn't even last a day before being bannedd I got permenantly banned from DT.

As Krazychick, I mentioned accidentally leaving my Player's Club Card in and coming back to see some guy playing decent money on my card. When I checked my card after he left, I was expecting to see my points skyrocket due to his heavy play. I got like 1 extra point despite him playing heavily. I thought I'd look like a real AP as multiple people on WOV have mentioned they leave their Player's Club Cards in machines and let unsuspecting Player's earn them points

3. But, Krazychick was instead criticized and banned just hours later and I was permenantly banned from DT as well. To be honest, I really didn't care about DT all that much and mentioned?I would NOT be begging for a DT reinstatement like I was begging for a WOV Reinstatement. Some DT Members mentioned they didn't want me at DT anyways, so a DT ban didn't hurt anywhere near as my WOV ban.

Wizard should have left me the fuck alone if I wasn't going to be reinstated. I did EVERYTHING asked of me to do in hopes of being reinstated on WOV and I am STILL banned from WOV. It's better to be ignored than to be played, used, and manipulated. A simple,"No matter if you do these requests, you aren't ever getting reinstated," would have been honest and straightforward. Then I could have ignored those requests since I am still banned anyways.

I thought MAYBE if I tried the Zenking approach, I could be reinstated. When Zenking was banned for his impulsive shocking rant after losing big money at a Casino, he got an extended Suspension. The very next day, he apologized for his shocking rant on WOV and mentioned already feeling remorse for that rant. He NEVER even visited WOV since the day he got the extended Suspension. Wizard mentioned that Zenking has a chance to be reinstated if he asks to be let back on. Zenking NEVER visited. He never even mentioned WOV again after his one time apology for his rant IIRC. I thought MAYBE if I act like I no longer care about WOV, I'd get a chance to be reinstated too. I even went about 5 months without logging into my Nathan Account(I only logged in a few days ago after about a 5 month Hiatus to check my Private Messages which are zero and I logged back out just minutes later. I am Still banned.

Also, it hurts I was banned shortly after giving WOV $100 for the 2019 Spring Fling Event. The Spring Fling happened in April, I was suddenly kicked out of WOV for good less than two months later after my $100 gift. That's fucked up.

I don't know why a one time fed up cussing rant which I apologized for multiple times wasn't forgiven. I was usually cheerful and upbeat on my time at WOV l, so for me to have an out of character cussing rant which I apologized for multiple times and admitted that I was in a beyond shitty mood after getting a two day paycut from my job when I did that infamous one time cussing rant and should have been forgiven. I politely took three years of being used as a punching bag with a bunch of harrasment and insults and finally did a hit back and I get booted off for good. Fuck that.

Posters did question why I was suddenly banned from WOV after a one time cussing rant to an Admin which I apologized for profusely when other Posters have told off Admins much more than I did and are still Active Members to this day. I was told that many Posters did NOT like the way I was suddenly booted off after ONE fed up bad day after being a Loyal and passionate Member for THREE years. As Kentry, I already had 384 posts in just about TWO months, more than some people who had been there for YEARS had. As Kentry, I was banned shortly after admitting I lost $250 in a bad Casino Session. Someone lost $1,000 in a bad Casino Session and he wasn't banned. He just got responses of ,"Sucks you lost $1,000. Better luck next time." And he wasn't banned despite losing FIVE times more than I lost! What the fuck was that bullshit? I shouldn't have ever been banned as Kent in the first place. My posts as Kent were respectful and polite. I should gave been forgicen for that $250 lost, not banned soon after.

I am still bitter about my Alimony Suspension THREE years ago. There was a thread about a guy trying to hide his Jackpot win. A Poster mentioned he might be trying to avoid paying Alimony and said he didn't even know what Aliimony was, but thought it sounded awful." I responded ,"Alimony is what you pay an ex-Spouse after a Divorce. I hate the idea of Alimony. Why should I have to financially support another Adult I am no longer legally bonded to anymore? Especially if the reason for the Divorce is because my ex-Spouse CHEATED on me? Why should I pay someone who CHEATED on me and that's why I divorced them in the first place? What the hell!"

Someone else brought up Alimony again, saying ,Alimony is like buying oats for a Horse you no longer own." I responded,"Alimony sucks! It should be outlawed!" I soon had Beachbumbabs only quote MY responses about Alimony and mentioned that I mentioned Alimony twice in a thread about a guy trying to hide his Jackpot, not a thread about Alimony. She made it look like I just randomly started talking about Alimony for no good reason when I was actually responding to two different people who brought up Alimony first. I got an unfair two week Suspension for that! What the FUCK? Even Posters admitted the two week Suspension for that Alimony thing was fucked up , unfair, and undeserved. To this day, I am still mad about that unfair two week Suspension. Posters mentioned that they were surprised I stuck around after that unfair Alimony Suspension and said that they would have left if they ever got such an unfair Suspension.

I have my own Website, and Visitors started talking shit about Beachbumbabs and Once Dear. Beachbumbabs and Oncedear told me to delete those nasty posts about them. I was under absolutely NO obligation to delte those nasty posts about them in my own Website. I deleted them anyway. Beachbumbabs and Oncedear never even acknowledged or thanked me deleting those nasty posts about them when they told me to delete those nasty posts. My Website was actually becoming REALLY popular when those nasty posts about them were there. It tanked really badly after I deleted those nasty post.

Years ago, I was being harassed, insulted, and targeted by some people and I asked Beachbumbabs for help. What does she do? She threatens to ban ME instead. What the actual FUCK? Many Posters mentioned it was fucked up that the VICTIM who asked for help got threatened with a ban.

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Dude, it's too long!
I'm not reading it.

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WAY too long!

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 🐱

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Great TLDR post, Kentry! :D

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Summary: Kentry has been banned multiple times on some forum for degenerate gambling addicts and he's royally peeved off. He got banned once for going off-topic and ranting about alimony, banned once for losing $250 on a slot machine like a total newb, and the current ban is for cussing out the forum admin. That last one sounds bad, but according to Kentry this lady is a real mean bitch and totally deserved it. Kentry then went and started his own forum to talk shit about her, which only upset this other admin even more, so Kentry removed it hoping they would let him back. For some reason this talking-shit ploy didn't win him back his membership, and now he's even more upset. All of this has left Kentry feeling manipulated, played, and used. And he should, because he paid this forum $100 before and they still ban him just for shits like once a week. Poor Kentry.

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I wasn't the one talking shit about the Admin on my Forum. Other Posters were talking shit about her. This was BEFORE my permanent ban. She asked me to remove those nasty posts about her, I did, and she never acknowledged me removing those nasty posts nor did she ever thank me….

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Why do you care so much about that forum if they keep mistreating you? Is there something special about it? It doesn't look like it gets much activity.

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I care a lot about Wiz Of Vegas because I love the sense of community and the rapport. It was so fun to me. I didn't like how I was thriwn away like yesterday's trash after just ONE bad cussing rant which I apologized for multiple times.

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