The Devil All the Time : Worst film of the year

Worst film of the year

Just finished watching The Devil All The Time on Netflix. This is the worst film of 2020, in my opinion. The film is overlong and boring at times. Characters are underdeveloped and the story is a mess. It feels pointless and empty. There is narration for no apparent reason, which adds nothing to the film. Performances are hit and miss. Tom Holland gives the bets performance in the film. Robert Pattinson is over the top and hams it up, but it actually kind of works for his character. The Devil All the Time feels derivative, predictable, and wallows in its own misery. There are a couple scenes that do work pretty well, but they are few and far between. I did like the music though. I definitely would not recommend this film to anyone one. My rating is a 4/10.

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Shame. I really liked it. It was a good old fashioned revenge story that played out like reading chapters from a book. I knew people would be divided.

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Glad you mentioned that it was just your opinion. It may not be the best film but it was alright!

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It was an okay movie. I've seen worse than this. Slow and long. The first half was boring. I asked myself, why did I chose to watch it. But then the second half was so much better. Hooked to it, that I did not even know the tale had approached its end. It ended on a high note with lots of twists.

There's a saying, it does not matter at what position you begin with, all that's matter is where you would finish at.

I think, to watch a movie like this, one must need a lot of patience. Those who seek just an entertainment should skip it. It mostly would work for 30-35+ people, but not for all. I don't like reading, instead, I like watching movies adapted from the books. Like ~*~Anna~*~ said, I experienced similar to reading a book.

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