Gwyneth Paltrow : Why do people think she's nasty?

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I don't know what it is about her but I've never been a fan of GP. I get the sense she's phony and insincere like she's playing a role even in her real life. I don't buy it at all. At the same time I don't know if she realizes she's doing it. It may just be who she's always been; the kind of person who has always tried to be what people expect (or what she thinks they expect or will react positively to) so she's never developed her own authentic persona.

I have never met GP and don't know her personally so obviously I have no idea who she really is. She could be the sweetest, most down-to-earth person there is but I don't see it. Granted, my impression of her comes from afar but it's kind of interesting that other people seem to have that same impression of her.

At one point I thought, wait, she couldn't possibly be that bad. She is married to Chris Martin and for a lot of years. From him I get the impression he's a nice, wholesome guy who doesn't put on airs and is 'real'. How would someone like him put up with someone like her if she is as bad as she seems? Wouldn't he have noticed by now? Why would he put up with it?

Perhaps he was probably a bit star-struck at first. She was celebrity when he was just comin 111c g out of the gate. If you idolize someone, especially one who is playing a part, that kind of blinds you to who they really are so it could take time to see through the charade. Right about that time, I hear they're breaking up so I wasn't at all surprised. Next, I hear he's dating someone I think is the polar opposite of GP, Jennifer Lawrence. JL seems about as real as they come. She doesn't act like something she's not. I find that very endearing.

Yes, these are all impressions; I get it. It may not be who these people are but when an impression is all you have that's all you can rely on. Whether it's right or not, we are all judged based on the impression others have of us; even when their impression may not represent who we really are. Ironically, this is the very reason some people work so hard to put forward the 'right' impression; even if they have to create a false persona to achieve it. Go figure.

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What I got from this thread is that both Conservatives and Liberals are equally annoying.

Son, you got a panty on your head.

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I don't hate her, I do find her to be annoying and out of touch with the rest of the population, but it can't really blame her. She grew up privileged. Remember when she said she thought it would be easier being a working mother instead of an actress? Yep, out of touch.


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My cousin, Carmen Elba Burgos-Morales, who is visiting from Minneapolis, told me, when I asked her what movies she has been watching, that she only watches BBC productions on public TV because they are classier and less loud and vulgar than the usual Hollywood fare.
LORD CHRIST, HAVE MERCY! The well beloved only child of my aunt, Carmen Morales, and her husband, Jose Enrique Burgos, has turned into a Gwyneth Paltry-type effete snob!😨😨😨😨😨
God is subtle, but He is not malicious. (Albert Einstein)

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I like her

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Where to even begin....

Her comments on how "regular" single mothers have it easy while she's got it so hard....because she's got to film 2-3 movies a year.

Her constant yammering about Americans and how Americans don't know how to "properly" do yawning for instance

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And she gets her vagina steamed, like it's a bunch of bok choi.

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Fat people are mad she is such a healthy food advocate. She gives advice on how to eat heal b68 thy and people think she is "telling them what to do" and is elitist. It's silly because even if that were true, who cares? She isn't saying anything near as nasty as some of the other celebs out there. She is an incredibly talented actress that's all I care about. She has a freaking Oscar who cares if she acts a bit elitist?

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Oh, wow, "She has a freaking Oscar"!!!!!! That DEFINITELY qualifies her to be Yoda, the all seeing and all knowing. How many other people have won an Oscar and not attempted to correct the behavior of everyone else on the planet?

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Housewives on the Internet hate her because she's 40, thin, doesn't get botox, married to a rockstar, lives in London, famous, cooks, she's an entrepreneur, etc. They're just jealous 'cause they can't find a reason to make fun of her so they just make stuff up. It's really rather sad and pathetic.

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Ah....because she does several interviews, and in all of them, she is an insufferable, mega-pretentoous bore.

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I think I can answer that question: I worked in a Library for many years, and I was also around A LOT of sick kids. You get used to it, and you do build up a modest immunity.

Imagine my shock, when I saw a kid with a full blown case of MEASLES! (The last case of Measles I had seen was my own, over 50 years before.)

It seems that "Mama" had read something that Jenny McCarthy had said: about vaccinations causing AUTISM.

"Pseudo Science" can be very, very dangerous...especially when spouted by a pretty actress who doesn't know her A** from a teakettle.

When you think of people like Gwyneth, remember these words:


All of these have been brought under control...if not down right ERADICATED by modern Medical Science. Be Grateful that sweet little "Apple" will never see someone in an Iron Lung. and Thank G-D for Polio Vaccinations.


I do hope he won't upset Henry...