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I Had No Idea

Olivia Newton-John turns 65 years young today, but when I read about the death of her older sister, Rona Newton-John, at the tender age of 70 of a massive brain tumor, I was astonished. I didn't hear anything at all about Rona getting a tumor and then dying within exactly at all. Olivia has been through much too much, with her own breast cancer bout, and thankfully she is here, a missing boyfriend, a man found dead in her Florida home, premature deaths of "Grease" co-stars Jeff Conaway, who was once married to Rona, and Annette "Cha-Cha" Charles, as well as the most tragic death of John Travolta's son, Jett. How much can a person take?

Anyway, I will wish Olivia a happy birthday. I do hope that time heals all wounds for her anb68d things shall get better as the years go on.

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I remember hearing about the missing boyfriend thing.. And I see on here shes been married to her 2nd husband since 2006? how did she have a boyfriend if shes married? Im confused. And the boyfriend was never found? Or was he?

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I think she has only been married for 4 years, so 2009.
Her boyfriend was before her marriage. I don't think that his death was confirmed.

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She married john easterling in 2008 after 2 years of the so-called " missing bf " incidentor you want her to stay faithful to someone who run away and faked his own death ???? good for her cool.gif

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