Olivia Newton-John : 'Healing Quest' sans Olivia

'Healing Quest' sans Olivia

I just caught a new episode of "Healing Quest" on my local PBS station and Olivia Newton-John is no longer on the show as a co-host.
Then, when I just checked out Olivia's IMDb, there was no mention at all of her participation on the show, either under the "Self" category, or under the "Soundtrack" or "Composer" or "Music Department" categories, even though she has contributed original songs to the content of this TV show for years. It seems to me that Olivia had been a co-host on "Healing Quest" for at least three years, and probably much longer than that. Seems strange that there is no mention of it here. Perhaps strangest of all, I do not see any IMDb listing for the TV show "Healing Quest" although it has been a staple of PBS for many years and is currently still in production with new episodes sans Olivia. Anyone have any solid info on what is going on here?