Olivia Newton-John : My first love!!

My first love!!


I was born in 62.

I was 16 when I saw Grease with my "girlfriend" and we double-dated with one of my friends and his girlfriend.

I had heard some of her music, and frankly, I HATED country, but I saw an album cover and I literally hit my knees. It was after the second day of "Hell Week" (Football Practice during the last ten days of Augu5b4st), and we were barbequing at a friends house, and his father was an Olivia Newton-John fan. He put the music on, and her voice was so hard to describe. It was like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers. She sounded like HEAVEN, and it felt somgood to hear her voice, and then, the album cover!!

Anyway, Grase came out in the spring that year, and I had never felt anything like that, and then the spandex pants!!!

I was hooked in the bedroom scene when Rizzo was mocking her. She looked so damned adorable in her nightgown. I literally wanted to scream.

I lived in a lake town, where many celebrities vacationed during the summer months, and there was a successful theatre in town where many, and I mean MANY huge stars came to perform.

I went to the grocery store next to the theatre on a Friday afternoon, and Tommy James and the Shondells, Bo Diddley, and the Supremes were performing that night. This was indeed the 70's, so these were still HUGE names, and they attracted HUGE crowds.

Anyway, I rounded a corner in the Grand Union Supermarket that Friday afternon, and I almost pushed our shopping cart directly into Olivia's!!

I had heard rumous she was renting a home on the lake, but up to that point, as far as I knew, no sightings.

And then I saw her.and I saw an angeland I,until the night my son and daughter were born (twins) I had never experienced that feeling, like I5b4 was actually looking at an angel.

It's hard to convey these feelings, but I will say only thisOlivia Newton-John is the most naturally beautiful woman I have ever seen, or heard of, and her voicesimply a gift and we are all beter for having heard her sing.

Forget all the talk about "booties", and the Kardashian, Jennifer Simpson, Eva Longoria discussions (although Eva is indeed beautiful), Olivia is simply a natural, unblemished by the surgeon's knife, and to my knowledge, completely scandal-free.

In short.the most beautiful, gifted female I have EVER seen.

Sorry if this is, or sounded/seemed over the top, but for any, and ALL of you born in the last thirty years, go look at Grease, Two of a Kind, Xanadu, and her music video for "Physical", and tell me that you aren't thinking about her hours AFTER.


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Great story kmer2. I briefly met Olivia at a book signing in the nineties, and thought then she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I am a year older than you and had a crush on her much as you did; I am envious that you met her at that time. She was shopping in a Grand Union, which says a lot about her.

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I was 6 years old when Grease came out. She's been my idol (maybe a bit of a girl crush) ever since. We're on our way to her concert in San Francisco now. Can't wait to see her! This will be my 14th ONJ concert. ^_^

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"Olivia Newton-John is the most naturally beautiful woman I have ever seen, or heard of, and her voicesimply a gift and we are all better for having heard her sing."

I was going to start a new thread on Olivia but I guess I don't need to. You said it all for me. Well, almost!

I was born in 1959 and was basically in my teens in the 70's. I practically grew up with ONJ. My sister had all of the day's magazines and ONJ graced the cover of so many of them. I Loved Rock and Roll but her music could make you break down and cry. A more beautiful woman I have yet to see and I am thinking also on the inside. Her music touched my heart. IMO you could actually see her physical beauty just by listening to her sing.

I am not in the least a star struck kind of person but I envy you. To have come in contact with ONJ must of been a numbing experience.

I hope one day to get the chance to meet her and tell her what a special person she is and how much she is loved.

In my practice, whenever one of5b4 her songs come on the radio, my nurse and I sing it out loud together although we are in different areas in the office (we have that kind of practice). biggrin.gif

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Agreed a very beautiful woman.

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My first love too, although it was during the "Physical" era and not Grease when I fell in love ,I was so much in love with her , she was 33 I was 12 but despite the age difference I still hoped it could work

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I was born in 64 and I'm right there with you. I fell in love with her however when she first appeared on the Tonight Show back in the mid 70s. Whenever I watch the Youtube of that appearance it's as if it's 1976 and I'm 12 all over again. Back then and even today, there is no one hotter than Olivia. And not only is she hot today, but she is now and always has been a class act. She is a lady through and through and that is why she has enjoyed the longevity she has, rather than slipping into obscurity, which is what I foresee in that train wreck Miley Cyrus' future.


LOL!! Made you Look!! winkgrin.gif

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I too was born in 1962. Sometime in the 70s I first heard Olivia, I fell in love. So glad to hear she is still performing and still looking so fine. "I will always love you" Olivia.

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Agreed with the above postings.

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Also agreed. I saw her in cocnert last New Year's eve in Vegas at the Flamingo and got a CD..happy sixty seventh..to her btw.

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