Classic Film : Krane's Confectionary

Krane's Confectionary

Krane's Confectionary - 7.5/10

Still available on Turner Classic Movie channel.

First good movie I've seen in over 5 months.. Very unique for 1951, or any other year. Very minimalist, character-driven, and you are able to empathize with every character, even if they aren't put on a pedestal, even if the main character abandons her family/work/home.

I can't believe I'm only the 23rd person to even rate this on IMDB. I feel like there's a portal to movies I want to see, but I'm only being shown commercial crap I don't wanna see. One of my favorite movies "Mikey and Nicky" was shown right after, and it was part of "Movies by Women". The only other Danish movie I can remember was even more unique - "Sult" (Hunger).