Boris Karloff : Boris Karloff - Top 30 Highest Rated

Boris Karloff - Top 30 Highest Rated

Countdown to Boris Karloff's highest rated movies 1931-1968

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Hi Steve

Oh boy,

you are back in my era now. This is the first one (I think) in which I have seen all the films listed.

There are a lot of strong horror films and I would certainly have quibbles.

I think neither of The Ravens were quite good enough to make the top ten. Black Sabbath should take one place. The Walking Dead the other. Considering in how much esteem The Walking Dead is held by horror buffs, I am certainly surprised by the low rating you came up with. Black Sabbath has the all the style in the world thanks to Mario Bava and in my judgment is Karloff's best color film. (I am not that big a fan of Targets. I think the concept that old horror was being replaced by real world horror is rather shallow. There was PLENTY of real world horror in the 1930's also.)

I won't argue too much about your top five, but it is really difficult to not rate The Body Snatcher in his top five. If I were making the list I think I would put it at the #3 position and drop the others one place each.

The top two--I go back and forth between Frankenstein & Bride. Today I think I am in a Frankenstein mood and would rate it #1. A few years back, or a few years forward (if I am still around) I probably would put Bride first.

*I think the only non-horror film listed is The Lost Patrol. Okay, but I think Karloff's best non-horror movie is Scarface, and he has a good role. I would rate Scarface quite a bit above The Lost Patrol myself.

**The whole issue of rating non-genre movies for major genre stars is perplexing. It is almost like there should be two lists, not only for Karloff, or Price, but for someone like Randolph Scott.

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Hi John, thanks for checking out my William Henry Pratt video.

I know how you feel with horror favorites, I basically took a step back and let the critics and movie sites hand out the scores. I knew either Frankenstein or Bride would have been at the top, that was a given and I would have been happy with either one being no.1. Bride is generally considered James Whale's masterpiece but the first one still has the power to chill and full of iconic sequences. A shame Whale didn't film Dracula too.

I finally got rid of Scarface because I wanted the top 10 to consist of Karloff horror classics and his last highly regarded film, Targets. No gangster movies! My excuse was that I've only included films that has Karloff's name on the poster, which is an interesting way to go when compiling these things, no name on the poster out you go! Bob would be happy with that.

psst Cecil B.De Mille's Unconquered also has his name on the poster but let's pretend that was an oversight. :)

The Body Snatcher did get 10 out of 10 from one source but that wasn't enough to take it up higher. The highest score for The Walking dead was 7 and that was from Maltin. It'll be interesting to see how these films rate on Cogerson's chart if he ever gets round to doing Karloff.

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Hi Steve

On Scarface I am a bit confused about Karloff not being on the posters. I googled posters from 1932 and he was on most of them. This makes sense as Frankenstein was a sensation and was released in December, 1931. Scarface I believe was filmed well before Frankenstein but was not released until April, 1932.

On the day of release, Karloff might have been the hottest name in the movie.

The most common poster, and the one on my Scarface DVD box, lists only Muni, Raft (6th billed), and Karloff (8th billed). My guess is it is a re-release poster.

As for Unconquered, it wouldn't make my top 32 anyway. DeMille made some entertaining films over the years (Sign of the Cross, Reap the Wild Wind, The Ten Commandments) but no one could be as boring on his off days in my judgment. He rarely elicited good performances from his actors, often a saving grace, and his pacing was sometimes glacial. Posturing actors, prolix scripts, phony indoor for outdoor shooting, etc. The most overrated director.

When his movies were bad they were not only bad, but were bad longer than most anyone else's movies.

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Hmmm you're right not just his name but his face too on one of them. I don't know where I got the impression he wasn't on the poster. Scarface would have been in 3rd position, still looking out of place between those horror classics.

So should I include Ninotchka on the Lugosi video? If it's no.1 it's out! :)

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Hi Steve

Gee, I hate to be put on the spot.

One thing you could do. Below the link to your video, you could mention films like Scarface and Ninotchka and where you would have ranked them, but didn't, because you didn't feel they were "Karloff" or "Lugosi" mov 5b4 ies and central to their careers.

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John, that's exactly what I'm going to do, "because you didn't feel they were "Karloff" or "Lugosi" movies and central to their careers." is a good excuse I think I'll use that.:)

Thanks for the tip!