Documentary : Voyeur (2017) Netflix documentary

Voyeur (2017) Netflix documentary

Mediocre documentary centered on writer Gay Talese and the subsequent aftermath of his publication of a "non-fiction" book which was later revealed as false, or at the very least, partially untrue. The original story is interesting enough: a man purchased a motel with the expressed purpose of observing the sexual activities of guests without their knowledge. For decades he watched surreptitiously behind a fake air vent as guests engaged in the sorts of sex acts one would expect to occur in a seedy motel, all the while taking notes and writing down what he saw. Creepy right?

Well the documentary begins to fall apart along with the book itself as the voyeur/owner of the motel is discovered to have contradictions to what he presented as facts. The film would have been pretty compelling had it been real but it slowly becomes more and more off-putting as both the voyeur and author descend into questionable roles.

Hey Diddler, Diddler….the cat and the fiddler LOL