Quentin Tarantino : He Lost Me Post KILL BILL, Sadly

He Lost Me Post KILL BILL, Sadly

He once said about Scorsese that his style is so different (post Goodfellas) that he's at a "different church" and that he, Tarantino, is no longer a member, and he didn't say it rudely, more an observation…

Alas I've felt that way towards the director who saved me in the early 1990's… Since KILL BILL, heck, sustaining the whole church symbolism, I'm pretty much a defeated Atheist…

I'm not here to bash QT but something's missing… He seems more style than, well, you know the cliche… His "comeback" veteran actors5b4 are given roles that are hardly cameos, he insists on working with big stars we get to see in everything BESIDES the special feeling of seeing a Tarantino movie, that could use no-names and still make tons of bread…

To me, QT has gone the way of Tim Burton… Burton's sets now just look like BurtonVille and TarantinoLand lacks the realism that the exterior landscape flicks from Tarantino's youth, Peckinpah, etc., all just seem in some cozy (for him) studio and… I don't know… It's sad… For me…

I want KILL BILL to come out… Another action flick HAS TO be good… Or not…The man's rhythm isn't off, really, it's just… a different song… or church… oh whatever I'm trying to say is this: I want the man back because tho I'm an old man, my youth ain't over…

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I can see what you mean in his most recent work. He's got the whole "all the world is a stage" vibe going in most scenes where each shot or scene is trying to be its own set piece I suppose. It certainly reminds you that you are in an alternate reality and even though cinema established its own reality I guess it's a matter of taste on how far you wanna push that aesthetic.

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Everyone has their own taste but for me I have to say that Inglorious Basterds and Django have been favourites of mine …especially after multiple viewings

Loved Kill Bill v1 but v2 is 'ok' to me…but guess because of the major tone shift

I stood in line to see H8 road show version when it came out…and was so excited to see it in 70mm and 3 hours later I'm walking out feeling disappointed and not sure why it didn't sit well with me

But all said…I'm still looking forward to him announcing his next project and hoping it'll be either a spy thriller / Cold War movie …or even…a sci fi movie (really…why not)


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Have you rewatched Hateful 8 yet? I liked it much more the second time through.

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You sound like a pretentious111c ass. You're entitled to your opinion of course but I personally think his films post KB are great.

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Speak for yourself. Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds were *beep* awesome.

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Inglorious basterds was his last great film, still has impressive record o5b4verall tho

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He came out with his best film and true masterpiece, Inglorious Basterds, after Kill Bill.

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