Documentary : Docs/Interviews That Emphasize Degeneracy In Arts?

Docs/Interviews That Emphasize Degeneracy In Arts?

Especially movies and music?

Personally, I think the last 40 years have been dead (I'm not that old, so no, its not nostalgia for me - just talent).. I don't know if the YouTube link is any good, but it seems to be along the lines of what I'm talking about (after watching the preview)….. Growing up, I do remember Debbie Gibson being the biggest thing, selling millions of records, being everywhere. What does a 15-yr old have to say? Did she inspire you to do anything?

I think a lot of it has to do with visuals, especially music. Apps doing the work, auto-tune (don't even need to sign in key!), "drum machines" (oxymoron), and other programs that sells one thing (dancing) and using some program like ProTools to sanitize and "fix" the product.

There was a time people had nothing but a radio, and so there was less discrimination. And this is before the 1st MTV video "Video Killed the Radio Star". You devoted all your attention to the music, instead of the face, tits, ass, clothes (lack of clothes), name, race, gender, orientation, etc etc.. Once upon a time in the movie industry, the "dinosaurs" actually LOVED movies, and would take chances. Some lost MILLIONS of dollars with just one movie. Now, you have "people" who are nothing but those who want to turn a profit and don't care what it is. CGI in movies is another example. A non-stop shoot-out, showing guts all over the screen, disguised as being free (when its exploitative). Car chases.. Movies that start with the protagonist having to face 100 ninjas, knowing they won't kill out the star in the first minute of the movie, so you have to sit and be bored while waiting for the time to die, which is horrible. Time shouldn't be killed - its one thing you can't buy.

Or having the freedom to show nudity, akin to being masturbated in a movie theater in the dark. Yeah, you might like it, but not if you are aware of whose doing the jerking.

Then you have the "social" media shit. They are not only billionaires, but the product is YOU, and it has a lot of influence. Twitter finds way to bump up certain hash-tags and hide popular stuff if it doesn't fit the agenda. One person with 50 million followers can say how great an awful movie is, and people will usually follow. It seems like the only movies that get attention are those that get all their attention talking about everything EXCEPT the movie itself. Some tweet, twat, post. Someone does something ridiculous, gets the attention, and then "sells" the movie. I notice they never talk about the merits of the film. It's always, "First Tranny Director" or some other superficial nonsense. And judging by ratings by "professionals", most seem to sustain from criticizing in fear of being socially ostracized, or being called a ____ist. I actually think political correctness is the ultimate prejudice - having a couple of elites telling EVERYONE else what they can or cannot handle.

It's sad, because 20 years ago, I thought with the internet accessibility and cheap cameras, that there might be saturation, but there would be REAL diversity (thought, not things you had no control over, like skin pigment)… Someone can make the greatest movie and upload it on YouTube tomorrow. But I don't see it. This isn't to criticize, but its a plea for something better. I would love to find an artist whose work I can look forward to seeing. New movie, album, concert (at their peak). Maybe you can create something great and share it with the world? If not, maybe you can introduce people to great things that might have gone under the radar?

When I did use social media, I would post something like this, only to receive PRIVATE messages saying "You know, I agree with you, but I don't wanna rock the boat". You have so many ratings show up for anything you type up, including dead people like RogerEbert who can't possibly rate a movie after death, but it has a lot of muscle with influence. I've mentioned this before, and many would say "Well, its the website", but that's not the point..

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I am a fan of older music, but it's ridiculous to believe that talent has magically dissipated solely because modern tastes don't match your own. There are still plenty of people out there who can sing, dance, and play an instrument – just look at Lindsey Stirling.

Talent hasn't disappeared, it's just been lost in a flood of self-production. In the olden days, books, movies, and music were heavily vetted, and artists only became popular if they were good. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, everyone can publish a book, record a song, or film a movie, whether or not they've even an ounce of natural or learned ability. It's not that the good stuff has vanished, it's that the market is now inundated with mediocrity.

If you're willing to look, you'll find the same veins of talent that have always been around. You may have to expand your horizons a bit, as we are no longer living in the 70s and tastes of every variety have decidedly shifted, but you certainly won't be disappointed.

As for the film industry, there have been several worthy smash-hits recently. It's not all mindless Marvel fluff. 1917, for example, beats old war movies thoroughly into the dirt.

Then the renewed earth would reclaim city and town, leaving only Ghost Dancers and those who lived by nature’s laws.

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Of course it hasn't disappeared, hence my pleas. I'm just saying, those with the most talent are being overlooked because of superficial reasons, and I'd love for people to be conscious about this.

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Just do the comparisons.. 1939-1979 vs. 1980-2020. (I'll add movies just for the heck of it.. I won't even mention literature, etc)

(I'll just mention those who were around in the 60/70s, since it would be too unfair)…. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, Wilson Pickett, Supertramp, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Steely Dan, ELO, America, Eagles, David Bowie, , Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Bob Marley, The Stylistics, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Love, The Allman Brothers, The Kinks, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Three Dog Night, The Hollies, The Grateful Dead, The Velvet Underground, Ray Charles, The Animals, Deep Purple, The Stooges, Aretha Franklin, The Zombies, Simon & Garfunkel, Steppenwolf, The Moody Blues, The Dave Clark Five, The Temptations, Santana, James Brown, Janis Joplin & Big Brother Holding Company, Sam Cooke, The Mamas and the Papas, Frank Zappa, The Supremes, The Everly Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Four Tops, The Band, CCR, John Coltrane, Captain Beefheart, Wayne Shorter, Roy Orbison, Them, Nina Simone, Yardbirds, Charles Mingus, etc etc

The Godfather, Citizen Kane, La Strada, Nashville, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Network, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Battle of Algiers, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, A Woman Under The Influence, The Seventh Seal, Rashomon, On The Waterfront, A Clockwork Orange, Casablanca, The Misfits, La Grande Illusion, McCabe And Mrs. Miller, The Seventh Seal, Ace In The Hole, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Sound of Music, Midnight Cowboy, A Child Is Waiting, Harold and Maude, 12 Angry Men, Annie Hall, Ikiru, Mikey and Nicky, Lawrence of Arabia, Last Tango In Paris, Taxi Driver, Dr. Strangelove, Sunset Boulevard, Gone With The Wind, Bonnie and Clyde, Shane, North by Northwest, Sullivan's Travels, The Philadelphia Story, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Rocky, The Deer Hunter, To Kill A Mockingbird, Vertigo, The Wizard of Oz, 2001: A Space Odyssey, All About Eve, The Graduate, Chinatown, Some Like It Hot, Double Indemnity, Apocalypse Now, Rear Window, West Side Story, Cabaret, The African Queen, All The President's Men, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, Butch Cassiday and the Sundance Kid, The Wild Bunch, The Apartment, Spartacus, The French Connection, Ben-Hur, Yankee Doodle Dandy, etc…

My wrists are cramping up, so I'll stop it there after I've made my point…. And that was the POPULAR stuff!