Winona Ryder : I love her

I love her

she's the most pretty girl ever

Re: I love her excuses too.

Here she is in a see-through dress:
Out of her mind at the coffee shop, feeling insecure and annoying people.

Jealous much, ID Thief?

Sorry you can't be pretty and loved? Might as well do it now because there will be nothing for you in two weeks.

^ Known troll

Leave the OP alone, 001-675-680396 and quit being so dis-ruptive. Try being creative for once. Try rapping.
That was close.
Where'd she get them clothes, yo?

Re: ^ Known troll

Thirteen days, PK, Damon, Police_service_van Monica_Sellers_Monroe, etc etc. Thirteen days.

^ New troll

Do you do that thing where you tuck your wrists and palms inside your shirt sleeves while you look at the ground?
Winona's a damn creep.
She was so impressed with how complicated she thought she was that she walked right past the cash register. Ah, pills.

Re: ^ New troll

No, I have a life.

Re: . . . And in the End . . .

I think we have about eleven days left on IMDb. Maybe the last week will be spent with love and forgiveness. You have chosen to focus on the things that separate you and have ignored the many things you have in common. You guys could have been and should have been the best of friends.

Put the bong down

Dom, and breathe real air. James is a genuine psychopath and no amount of "love" and hippy good vibes is going to change that. Its a characterological disorder, and most like him/her spend extended parts of their lives in prison or prison wards in psychiatric hospitals.

Re: Put the bong down

Put the bong down
Ha ha Nicolo! I just saw your subject line in my "in box" and burst our laughing. It is just so "You".

And for our younger viewers: Don't do drugs. Nicolo is only kidding about the bong. He knows I gave up tripping when I was in my teens (literally. That's actually true.)
I'm just high on love and life, man.

That's right, it's a figure of speech

but I am greatly concerned about the harm that drug use really causes. Drugs like Marijuana are not toys. Anything that alters consciousness can be harmful, and that includes so called 'safe recreational drugs.'

Turn out, drop in, tune up

Get engaged, stay engaged, and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Re: . . . And in the End . . .

We have nothing in common. I don't hate anyone, but I do expose bad people for what they really are.

^ hypocritical statements from this board's newest troll

Sorry, buy you don't expose bad people for who they are. I did that, thank you very much. And all before you even came to this board ("check creation dates").

Nay, you defend Winona and all her evils. All while she unapologetically tries to justify her actions. I suppose you can live with that, but I believe in fairness.
What do you want to know?
She put her finger in the hole in the dyke.

Why is it the worst people always pretend to be about "fairness?"

Your historical antecedents, Robispierre, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Obama, have all been about some kind of murky, poorly defined concept of "fairness." The result is always a terrible tyranny of one nature or another, and you aren't much different from those monsters.

Don't forget Oprah

You misspelled Robespierre, #001-675-680396.
JJ Happy Gay is really...
Do directors usually tell the hired help to commit grand felonies?

Re: ^ hypocritical statements from this board's newest troll

I have been commenting since 2004, so I have a bit of tenure. Winona's "evils" consist of one very bad decision at a fairly young age, brought on by depression and perhaps some medication that didn't react well with her physiology. Your barrage of lunacy and stupidity make anything Winona Ryder ever did pale by comparison. If you had launched these attacks publicly and or at her directly, you would be in jail for cyberbullying or worse. Luckily for you, your cowardly id found IMDB to use as a cloak of maliciousness. Your time is about to end, so laugh it up moron.

Re: pale by comparison, as in Winona is a vampiremo

You've been a member since January, so you have a bit of a math problem.

And if you, Dizzle, CIP, SpearChucker19 or any other troll changes name and ID, all credibility is lost. I've been dealing with trolls like you for over a decade.

The fact that you are equating my Delightful Posts with Winona Ryder's grand felonies shows you to be without sense. Good day.
Flatscreen Debt
Eyes rolling back in her head, so cute.

Re: I love her

I chose to make this confession of my love for her because it's my last chance, since the forums are closing down.

I only hope she gets to see it before it's gone.

Re: I love her

I wish we could get her to look at this board before it's deleted, so she could know there's been a band of loyal fans praising and defending her on here for years.

Re: I love her

I wish that too, but unfortunately there's just no chance of that. She has millions upon millions of fans, and on here there are 6 or 7, and she apparently doesn't pay any attention to any social media and IMDb is so obscure I don't think it would ever get her attention.

Re: I love her


Re: I love her

But I will say that I always have appreciated your insight Nicolo on many questions that have come up about Winona on this board. It was you who first welcomed me here, the first one to get mad at me, and the first to complain about my sexual perversion. Yet through it all, I still feel your friendship.

And to all - the sexual innuendo was always just schtick. I needed something to balance the innocent, goofiness of my puppet avatar and the absurd innuendo just seemed to provide the right contrast. I truly am not that obsessed with Winona's various anatomical endowments.

But I could be lying - - -

Re: I love her

I've never thought you to be a bad puppet, just misaligned sometimes. hahaha

Re: I love her

Yeah, and why would Winona care what her fans think anyway? I m 5b4 ean, she gets paid by the movie companies, not the fans... Oh, wait....

Re: I love her

Great_MR_E = Dizzle?

Re: I love her

What does that mean? I'm not dizzie, but this place does sometimes make me feel sick to my stomach

Re: I love her

I thought that you might have been an old poster on this board but looks like I'm wrong.

Re: I love her

I posted here for about 11 years as "C_I_P_Pride"

Re: I love her

WOW!!! The mystery is solved! Hey, CIP, welcome back!

Re: I love her

Thanks, however short lived it will be...

Re: I love her

And CIP, I'm sorry we never dated. There I said it 111c . So sue me.

Re: I love her

Well I'm sorry my old friend from Iowa, Mr. Matt Dizzle has not stopped in to say his goodbyes, but I am sure he is here in spirit. I'm sure I'll see him at the next Cattlemen's Association meeting in any case.

Re: I love her

Nope cip

Re: I love her

Maybe? And oh, by the way, hey Ruby!

Re: I love her

I recognize her writing always

Re: I love her

You were right! You're quite a detective, Ruby! I'm impressed!