Epic and Disaster : Virus (1980) trailer

Virus (1980) trailer

Japanese film (with a mostly American cast) about a virus called "Italian flu" that wipes out most of humanity. The survivors go to Antarctica. Check out the clips. Full movie posted on the other board.

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Is this the first of many of your virus doomsday films?

Whatever happened to happy ending films?

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This one aired in March 1980 on HBO -

Too Hot To Handle…irl

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Never heard of that one. Looks interesting.

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It's finally happening. We waited so many years for such an event to happen. There won't be any conspiracy theory nutjobs left in the aftermath to discuss what took place.

All those zombie shows, movies, books, whatever else about virus spreading, it was 'predictive programming', for whatever purposes. Idea is to make people desire such events to happen, i guess thats the reason, for such predictive programming. Otherwise its not conducive to the cause. Because people then search for patterns afterwards. But since most humans are pleb sheeples, who cares what they think or plot or get classified under conspiracy nutjobbery.

Where was i going with this? Oh yes.

No more predictive programming. Direct, silent, deadly, sniper, quicker. Why quicker? Clean the earth quickly.

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