Western : Hombre


"Hombre means man. Paul Newman is Hombre"

Great Movie.

Great Performances.

And some of the best lines EVER in a Western.

What do my fellow posters think of this movie.

Re: Hombre

One of my favorite Ritt/Newman films. I remember Newman being very stoic in this. I have to watch it again sometime.

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I remember Newman being very stoic in this.

Newman is extremely iconoclastic and misanthropic in this film—he displayed a level of hardness in his acting that one might never have anticipated based on his younger roles. And overall, Hombre constitutes one of the most underrated and significant American Westerns of the 1960s.

Re: Hombre

i haven't seen this movie, but i like your descriptions, so i'm gonna make sure to watch it this week. any other good Ritt films i'm missing out on?