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Theater Board

Very happy with the FilmBoard site ! I will be able to follow my old threads from IMDb , and hopefully in the future , our user profiles will be active too . And also some smilies on the message editor ?

Please keep up the FilmBoard , even though there seems little activity . It is set up well for the contemplative and long-term fan . It is easy to look down those long post boards and find something of interest !

Maybe in the future , there could be a suggestions , information and tech support block at the bottom ?

Most fans have interest in multiple genres like film(8mm-70mm-imax) , movies and theater . Perhaps a Theater Board with General/Plays/Theater Awards ?

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Re: Theater Board

Yes I saw Plays in the General Discussion Forum , and the idea of a Theater Board came from IMDbV2 . In truth , the suggestion was broad for not only a specific Theater Talk forum - General/Plays/Awards and possibly /Creative for budding scriptwriters ? Maybe too adventurous ?

Also in mentioning a Film Board (8mm/70mm/imax) , it was really related to output in those formats - 8mm/16mm/35mm/70-75mm , which are really now classic filmmaking formats , but some people still like talking about them , as well as showing current output . For instance , Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' coming out later this year , was shot on 35mm & 70mm film stock . Steven Spielberg still prefers film , and shot 'Lincoln' (2012) and possibly 'Bridge of Spies' (2015) on it . Anyway there are many professional Directors working in these formats .

I should mention that there are now 100's of videographers making their start on cell phones , and I have seen some serious work done in this format .

Thanks for taking note of the post , and I'm looking forward to those little mood smilies too ! Cheers !

Re: Theater Board

I have no idea what you're talking about. However, cool image!