Tekken : Disgrace


So after partially watching this... on TV just now again after years I just feel the need to tell the internet: I hate this movie so much. Do whatever you want with this information, but at least acknowledge that I was determined enough to log in to imdb on my mobile, somehow remembered my login and typed all of this what you may or may not be currently reading - all while still on the couch.
Sure I know the Tekken story isn't all that great, but that didn't stop me from soaking everything up from the CD booklets back then when I played the games as a child. And yeah, I can enjoy dumb popcorn cinema but wow. Was it too hard to get essential backstorys of the characters right? I could go on in detail with what pissed me off, but I feel like I had to fully rewatch it first to be able to mention every little thing to do the game justice and I can't see myself putting myself through this anytime soon. That is all, have a good night. :)

Re: Disgrace

The writers for films life this always seem to have either not looked into the backstories and history of the ip or simply discard it.

Any fan could correct the writer or tell them where they ate going wrong or what the essence is about.

Sadly we get generic nonsense that's not faithful to the source material

Re: Disgrace

If the creators of the film could have convinced producers to somehow give more money to support multiple films being made at the same time as what was done with the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, being faithful to TeKKen©'s material would have been much more likely.