Tekken : Martial artist can't act

Martial artist can't act

Not all but a good majority of them can't look at the first mortal kombat most agree it was pretty decent. then the second one they seemed to wan't to throw a few "real" martial artist in the mix and it was absolutely awful. Im not saying none of them can act im just saying that studios should pick ones that can to fill certain roles and the ones that can't should just be stunt doubles at most. this movie had a very low budget feel but could have easily had a larger following had the acting not been to god awful.

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It is tough finding actors that are equally good at acting as they are at fighting. But for such movies, I can tolerate bad acting, so long as it's not too cringeworthy.

But the actors in Tekken weren't bad, IMO. I think it was just cheesy lines and lame dialogue. But good acting or bad, it wouldn't have saved this movie. I enjoyed it, but a lot of people downright hate it.

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The acting is *beep* horrible. The scene when Jin was arguing with his mother was unbelievable. I mean I just couldn't believe it.


that is a downside.

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The acting in this one was good.

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I personally dont care if martial artist cant act, who actually cares? We only care when they kick ass and entertain us.

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Clearly they aren't entertaining us if people are complaining about their acting

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Those complaining are in the minority because millions of people have been able to watch Jason Statham,Steven Seagal,Van Damme,Arnold and Sly movies without complaining about their acting although some have became decent actors over the years but there has been movies were their acting but most people just care for the action

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I was surprised by the quality of the fight scenes. There are plenty of side to side fight scenes showcasing full-blown sidekicks; very little choppy up close face shots as to avoid exposing any of the actor's lack of fighting skill. You can tell a lot of effort was put into in the choreography – good ratio action to fight mix, similar in the tradition of what one might see in 1985's Bloodsport. While the final bout is a little underwhelming at the end, it was certainly fit for the snakish father's wayward son character.