Spider-Man: Homecoming : The high school

The high school

I love how they made the high school building in this movie look like a college, especially with lots of kids walking around the building.

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Re: The high school

I found it to be very unrealistic and detracted from my Spider-Man experience.

Re: The high school

Probably nostalgia goggles, but I haven't enjoyed anything Spider-Man related anywhere near as much as the Sam Raimi films. Even the third one. They all have their issues, but the Andrew Garfield movies were mostly forgettable, and the new ones suffer from being connected to this big MCU thing. I don't care for Iron Man being Peter's mentor, or him having Iron Man's technology. Holland is also too young in appearance, and there's too much of a focus on his high school life for me to be able to relate to or enjoy the character. Good thing Zendaya is of legal age, though, because she's supremely bangable in the 2nd movie. At least the new movies have that over the Raimi ones. Kirsten Dunst was never all that attractive.. and also a straight up bitch in the third film.

Re: The high school

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of what a high school should look like then?