The Shack : Wasn't the book terrible enough?!?

Wasn't the book terrible enough?!?

The book was utter literary feces. Schmaltzy, overly sentimental, unoriginal, insipid, poorly written, and it had a stupid concept. This material is on par with a made for TV movie on Lifetime. Really?!? Is it supposed to be a revelation that facets of God aren't all white men?? Only a navel gazing, narcissistic, white dude would be so myopic. It's an embarrassment to Christianity, which is founded on a truly powerful and spiritual story, not schlock like this.

Spoiler alert: it was all a fever dream brought on by a head injury that the author tries to dress up with some spiritual coincidences that people read too much into. And the guy should have gotten some counseling to begin with to deal with his grief and guilt. Why would anyone be delusional enough to think the Shack should be memorialized in film? Hasn't the world suffered enough.

Re: Wasn't the book terrible enough?!?

God is actually this super-bright fiery dude that melts you if you look straight at Him.