Watchmen : Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions

Or maybe they were answered but I wasn't paying attention.

What was that thing that crashed near the house of those two farmers that couldn't conceive? If it was Veidt, why didn't the spacecraft just land like it did on Europa? Why did Trieu need to buy that couple's home so urgently?

What was up with that elephant that Trieu had Angela hooked up to? Was that elephant the real Hooded Justice?

What was that footage of Manhattan destroying a castle on seemingly Mars, that looked like the castle on Europa, all about?

What the hell was the deal with Lube-Man, the guy that was on screen for all of 2 minutes, then lubed himself up and slid into a storm drain never to be seen again?

More if I think of them.

Re: Unanswered questions

What the hell was the deal with Lube-Man,
He’s posting on here as MovieManCin2.

I'm cumming in BLM.