Spider-Man: Homecoming : Will history repeats itself?

Will history repeats itself?

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and Star Wars:Attack of the Clones are released in the same year which was in 2002. Spider-Man knocked down the Star Wars and made history in the worldwide box-office. Now, Spider-Man:Homecoming and Star Wars:The Last Jedi will be released this year. Will history repeats itself? Is it a yes or no? What are your thoughts?

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Won't happen. Attack of the Clones was a bad movie with some of the cheesiest dialogue of any movie above a student flick in film history. It was also following The Phantom Menace that many hated. Now contract that with Disney going 2 for 2 on Star Wars, and adding in that Carrie Fisher died so this will be the last chance people will have to see her on screen. Episode 8 will make a sh*t ton of money, maybe even more than the first one.(Episode 7)

Contrast that with Spider Man in 2002. Yes X-Men(2000) really revolutionized the modern day superhero movie, but Spider-Man on screen was a very fresh idea. You were seeing something that you hadn't seen before. In 2017 you have seen several Spider-Man movies, plus every other big time superhero be done with a monster budget.

Different times which will lead to different results. Still very excited to see Spider-Man homecoming though.

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X-Men(2000) really revolutionized the modern day superhero movie,

No, it didn't. That was Blade and then Spider-Man took it to another level.

Re: Will history repeats itself?

It will be close. CA:CW edged out ROGUE ONE by like $100M.

Whatever you are, be a good one.