The Mandalorian : Pretty damn good tbh (spoilers)

Pretty damn good tbh (spoilers)

I kinda grew out of Star wars ( despite it taking place in a space age lore filled world, and i normally love that sort of thing ) I dont rush to the movies to see the latest films for example. But after seeing part of angryJoes review of it i decided to watch it. I liked it ๐Ÿ‘.

I honestly thought that bounty droid was going to be a main stay of the series, the BB8 R2D2 of the series, but no….expectations averted lol.

And im gunna give myself credit here, when it was building to the reveal of what was in that baby pod i had a strong feeling it would be a baby Yoda and i liked that i was right!. I only guessed a baby Yoda due to the mystery surrounding his species in the star wars lore!That will peak peoples interest for sure ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

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It sucked. The robot was the best character and they killed him off. The main character is boring and baby Yoda was lame. Yoda? More like Yodumb, amirite?

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Im blocking you as you read this.

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Won't change the fact that I just delivered a savage Star Wars takedown.

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Why dont you go fuck a wookie u cunt.

Lol im kidding, u are entitled to ur opinion of course and god damn it if ima get in the way of ur free speech.

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I've only seen the preview and it looked pretty bad. Not even worth a hate watch.

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Not bad!

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