Computers and Software : My MacBook finally went out

My MacBook finally went out

I’ve posted before about how reliable it’s been. I bought it in 2012.

And the kicker? I cleaned it. I took the protective cover off that I bought with it, washed that in the sink; it had pop, food, and sticky stains all in it. I cleaned the computer itself. Let the cover dry, reattached it, and now…won’t turn on.

It was figuratively at its last leg. Just one movement was enough for it to go kaput. Looks like I’m going to Apple tomorrow for a new MacBook.

I say if the new one lasts me another 8 years…that’s worth the $1200 or whatever. At least now I can get the Retina display. And the speakers are nicer and placed at each side of the keyboard.

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My MacBook is from 2009. I don't plan on running it through the dishwasher like you did so I expect it to last a while longer.

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False alarm: works!

I unscrewed the bottom (first time I ever unscrewed it) and took out the Ram and put it back, works!

Downside: I lost a tiny screw in the carpet. I looked for an hour. Flashlight. Even vacuumed and checked in the filter. Nope. Oh well, I can always buy Mac screws. It’s fine missing one but ehh why not.

I really hate unscrewing tech products like laptops and iPhones, because you never quite screw the screws back in as perfect as the factory had it, not to mention putting light wear marks from the screwdriver in the screws that were untouched by human hands before. Ergo, when you unscrew them you’re decreasing the value. End tangent.

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Oh thank god. Thought all those doxxing files were lost forever.

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I got all that backed up on the cloud.

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Fuck apple

Well, this is a tomb. I'll make them feel at home

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Slowly and gently.

If I get pulled over, it better be a gay policeman riding on a unicorn.