Roundhay Garden Scene : Did anyone see the TRAILER?

Did anyone see the TRAILER?

Can't wait to see this movie in 3D...

Re: Did anyone see the TRAILER?

I can really relate to oyur feelings but unless they convert it to 48fps I am not going to sit through this giant drag one more time.

Seriously, people can complain about the Hobbit all they want but the pacing is way better than here. Maybe this can be fixed with half the runtime.
It will also feel much more action packed as a result. They are in negotiations for an all new original soundtrack by Limb Biskit, Papa Roach and Linkin Park.
Sounds good to me, last time I barely managed to stay awake.

Re: Did anyone see the TRAILER?

Oh and I did not share my feelings on the new trailer.

The 3D looked fine but this again is a one of the "the Trailer was better than the actually movie" cases.
Further more they nearly spoiled everything.
The art of a good trailer is to raise interest, represent the movie and not ruining spelling out the whole plot or some important twists.
Yeah the Trailer DOES look interesting but is it a thorough representation of the film or did it hold ANYTHING (I mena literally) back? No, thus crappy trailer.