Roundhay Garden Scene : The emperor has no clothes

The emperor has no clothes

Let's face it, this is a film where you gain prestige by saying you like it, thereby associating yourself with the great folk of the past. But to anybody else it's fairly obvious: no coherence or single idea here, a self-absorbed triumph of style over substance.

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Re: The emperor has no clothes

I couldn't disagree more. This film is tightly scripted, passionately acted and delivers a gripping, absorbing storyline. I think you must be thinking of "Leeds Bridge," LePen's followup which is admittedly a mess. (Despite an extremely promising first 0.9 seconds, I might add; but by 1.5 seconds the plot has completely broken down and I found myself looking at my watch, praying for it to end.)

"Roundhay Garden Scene" is a classic and you know it.

Re: The emperor has no clothes

Re: The emperor has no clothes

Slowest, boringest film ever. Like watching paint dry. I want the two seconds of my life back!

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