The Soapbox : What is the difference to those who live….

What is the difference to those who live….

in their Parents basement


those in their Parents attic


others in their Parents garage

Is there any difference, or are both the same


Re: What is the difference to those who live….

Nobody lives in their parents attic that I am aware of, that would be horrible.

The only person I am aware of that lives in their parents basement is PE, and he seems to be a happy, well adjusted person, by all accounts.

Tykohn lives in his parents basement too, I guess. But he has all kinds of secret lairs and catacombs to explore and for storage, and immediate access to the Fort Pitt Tunnel, so that seems pretty cool. If he gets lonely he can always talk to The Mole Men, he is their king, after all. His Mexican girlfriend and her 12 kids are also running around down there somewhere, provided The Mole Men haven't eaten them. Of course, he's just my sock, so I don't know if that counts.

He's based on a real dude, though. If you're ever in the Pittsburgh area i'm sure he and The Mole Men would love to have you stop by for dinner.

Just don't knock on the door after 10pm, his dad will get pissed. Use the garage entrance and be discreet.

Re: What is the difference to those who live….

Fuck up, cunt.

You know damn good and well she left me years ago when I gave up my dreams of being a tenured professor at a major university and settled into a boring life as a bank teller.

I wish she would come back and pick up her kids one day…