Fashion : More weird Met Gala drama

More weird Met Gala drama

JLo got all pissy because after seven hours (yes, you read that right, seven hours!) of being glammed up for her appearance at the Met Gala (another one who evidently didn't get the memo about the definition of "camp" in this matter), but was upset her gal pal didn't know that thing on her head was not technically called a "wig". (How many guys know all the names of all the things women slip into anyway? Though granted, the 7 hours of being put together was probably taking a toll).

While Jennifer was in the final stages of her hair and makeup, Alex decided to stop by. Her called her headpiece a wig, which frustrated the star.

'Is there a reason why you're wearing a wig?' he innocently asked while eating a salad very close to her face.

'It's not a wig, it's a beaded headpiece and it's part of the dress,' she replied somewhat sternly.

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He should run, run, run!

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She's been married a few times, seems she's not good at staying married

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I'm so tired of divas!