Religion, Faith, and Spirituality : Will the Jews be happy in the Neo-Ottoman Empire?

Will the Jews be happy in the Neo-Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire ruled the Middle East for more than five centuries. The Middle East now includes Israel. A Neo-Ottoman Empire (as unlikely as its establishment is) is founded by Erdogan, it will probably include Israel. I don’t think Jews would be happy. Even if Israel is not absorbed by the hypothetical Neo-Ottoman Empire, Israel wouldn’t like to have such a strong state next to it.

“as unlikely as its establishment is” what makes you so certain? For 500 years they ruled what is known as “palestine” region. They might rule again for the next 500 years! Samson option can only do temporary damage. Muslim numbers are far too many. They will survive the suicidal Samson option of nuking every country around it. That is why muslims will win my friend. Better accept the Neo-Ottoman empire. It’s not like turks holocausted the jews. They treated them kindly and the jews flourished under Ottoman rule. After that the jews plotted against the Ottomans through the brits. That is why we see movies such as that british idiot Lawrence what’s his name who divided the ottoman empire into smaller territories. We use gentiles against each other. Look at what we’re doing to Russia, America and China. We’re trying to start world war 3 because world antisemitism has risen exponentially. That is why we’ve forced influx of refugees from our enemies inside Europe. That will ensure our safety plus make the christians and the muslims fight each other for the next 100 years. It also diverts gentile attention away from us. Understand?
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