The Soapbox : Book of Redemption Chapter 7

Book of Redemption Chapter 7

BoR 7:1 Seeking a rabbi's counsel regarding religion is like asking a blind man what the colors of rainbow look like.

BoR 7:2 Devoid of any spirituality, they use religion as a tool to earn shekels from the simple minded jews and goyim.

BoR 7:3 Seeking redemption through rabbis who only seek your money is like seeing a camel enter the needle hole from one side then come out of it from the other side without shrinking.

BoR 7:4 Similarly, finding the path towards salvation through jews is like asking Satan about God and his Holy angels. They will deviate you from the path.

BoR 7:5 Jews are the furthest from religion, they are the foremost to enter hell on judgment day.

BoR 7:6 They are the worst of God's creation, there is not one redeeming quality about them. They are just bad. At least the devil is charming, interesting. Jews are just horrible, terrible people.

BoR 7:7 The devils curse the jews. They consider them reviled and despised, and they are.

BoR 7:8 They worship the devils in secret, but the devils curse the jews whenever they are worshiping them. "Terrible people, we'll ensure you enter the deepest level of hell forever," say the devils to the jews, but the jews are too pig minded to realize how much the devils hate them. They seek worldly benefit from the devils, losing their souls that are bad to begin with, not evil, just bad.

BoR 7:9 "Curse be upon you jew," says Molech, each time a jew sacrifices a gentile baby to him.

BoR 7:10 "We wash our hands from the terrible crimes they commit," say the devils. "They are the vilest, most accursed, most wretched beasts of all."

BoR 7:11 "Pigs and apes are better than them. Calling them apes and pigs is discriminating the apes and pigs. It is an insult to the apes and pigs to call jews apes and pigs."

BoR 7:12 And the fallen angels say, "We do not hate humans. We hate jews. They were never God's chosen people. God hates them. That is why you see them punished repeatedly over and over in the physical world, and their punishment in the eternal world is much more horrible, very severe."

BoR 7:13 Each time jews commit heinous crimes on earth, the angels cry out to God, "God! The Most High! Father of Jesus Christ! why haven't you destroyed this wicked race? Look at their wickedness!"

BoR 7:14 God answers them, "They serve as an example to the rest of my creation. Whenever a gentile forgets me and starts committing evil acts, the lives of the miserable, ever plotting jews serve as a deterrent to a gentile for him to stop sinning, doing wicked acts. It helps develop the rest of my creation to develop an immunity against evil, the jewish virus. They serve as a lesson, helping my chosen people, of any race, towards their redemption. A good soul of any nation is my chosen. A good soul that is innocent, humble, kind, doer of good."

BoR 7:15 "I chose the jewish nation. They are my chosen, chosen for eternal damnation and a wretched life on earth."

BoR 7:16 "Their plots fail. They live miserable lives. They waste the precious gift of life doing nothing but hoarding material goods, plotting against the rest of humanity. They are parasites. They are the virus on humanity. An apt deterrent for other people."

BoR 7:17 "They've lost their souls, they desire nothing but pleasures of the flesh. A pig lives a better life than them. A pig doesn't plot, it isn't miserable."

BoR 7:18 "It is almost impossible for a jew to enter my holy kingdom. Almost all of them go to hell."

BoR 7:19 The angels praise God and continue worshiping him in the heavenly realm.

BoR 7:20 And the devils continue tempting the jews to perpetrate terrible crimes on earth in the physical realm.

BoR 7:21 The devils manage to survive the horrors of hell, but not the jews. The devils commit evil crimes through jews. They do not commit terrible acts themselves.

BoR 7:22 Hence the jews, who consider themselves the most intelligent of people, are the most wretched and the stupidest of all people. They lose their souls, they lose eternal life in their Olam Ha Ba they hope to get.

BoR 7:23 In the world to come, each of them will be sent to hell, shown their crimes, then sent into the deepest pits, the abyss.

BoR 7:24 They'll forget all the pleasures of this world. Not a single moment of pleasure will they remember. It will be an unending torment, excruciating pain. They deserve it.

BoR 7:25 Whoever is wicked like unto jews belongs to hell. Even if a gentile believes, if he is evil, he will go to hell.

BoR 7:26 However, God is most Just, and if a jew who believes in God, and he does good on earth, he will not enter hell. However, to enter the kingdom of Christ, he will have to accept Christ as his Savior, his Redeemer, his Messiah, his God.

BoR 7:27 A soul that does not believe in God but does no evil in his mortal life will not be sent to hell, rather he will given a chance to enter heaven by accepting Jesus as his Savior, his Redeemer, his Messiah, his God. If he does not, then God ends that soul's existence forever. That is a soul's permanent death, and only a wretched soul rejects Christ.

BoR 7:28 That is why it is very hard for a jew to enter heaven, even if it believes in God and if, suppose, it does not live a wicked life on earth, suppose.

BoR 7:29 Because all jews hate Christ. They are the staunchest enemies of Christ.

BoR 7:30 And nearly all jews are wicked. They are materialistic, selfish, terrible goblins.

BoR 7:31 Each waking moment they plot against the gentiles, seek ways to hoard goods of this world that rot away due to the passage of untameable time.

BoR 7:32 They have an aura of odious piggishness around them. They are no saints. You can feel their piggish materialistic nature whenever you encounter them.

BoR 7:33 Unfortunately, many gentiles of this age of evil follow the path of the jews. That is why you'll feel such aura around them too, they've become pigs of this world. By calling them pigs their gross materialism is pointed out.

BoR 7:34 A gentile turns into a jew by following the jews in their materialism. It does not need a jewish parent to become a jew.

BoR 7:35 There is no redemption for such people.

BoR 7:36 There is no redemption for a jew.

BoR 7:37 Those who seek the pleasures of the flesh, comforts of the material world, until the time when their death is near, do they expect redemption?

BoR 7:38 The path towards redemption is the path of Jesus Christ.

BoR 7:39 He is the way. His life is to be emulated.

BoR 7:40 The path of Christ.

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