Living in a Big Way : Yes, that IS Charles Lane!

Yes, that IS Charles Lane!

I was watching the movie when who should appear on the screen for a very brief moment but Charles Lane, the bespectacled character actor who is always good for a scene or two in any classic movie, but in this film he's not seen (unless I missed it) except for a few seconds and without any lines! He appears with a group of men inside the Morgan mansion convening with Charles Winninger as Mr. D. Rutherford Morgan. Charles Lane looks to see who is entering through the front door, and then he's gone! There must have been a scene that was left on the cutting room floor. Too bad.

Re: Yes, that IS Charles Lane!

I just saw this for the first time and I saw him, too. If you blinked, you'd miss him. But you sure could hear his very recognizable voice. Did you also catch a glimpse of Jimmie Dodd? I was really little, but I remember him from the Mickey Mouse Club.