Doctor Who (2008-2010 specials) : Take a deep breath!

Take a deep breath!

I thought it was a great introductory episode. Jodie took to the role like a charm and enough attention was given to the three (Four?) companions to make it feel like it's going to be a group adventure instead of The Doctor versus everything alone as has been common during Moffat's tenure.

Wasn't keen on Doctor makes a sonic out of egg boxes and sticky back plastic and dyspraxia bicycle boy scenes but new Doctor, new showrunner and new everything rarely get it right first time (11th Hour being the exception for me).

Grace dying was a bit of a bummer but I liked how the Doctor talked down to the cheating tooth fairy alien so swings and roundabouts I guess.

Just got to wait for the "Girls stink" "No boys stink!" palavor to calm down and we might get a decent show, even if it is a bit short in number.

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I have good feelings for the series after watching.

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I was very surprised by how good it turned out to be.

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I'm still OK with it. But yeah, if it could steer off the topics it'd doing it'll be less embarrassing to watch in 20 years time when everyone's fed up with the retreading of the 1950's as if it's still that way today.

I thought Rosa was well done though, really brought the realisation of segregation home to the children of today.

LOL. 🤡🌎