Automobiles and Transportation : Chevy inconsistencies.

Chevy inconsistencies.

Chevy used to make decent cars like Cavaliers that'll lastyou to 200K. Now they make lemons. They fall apart before 150K.

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Re: Chevy inconsistencies.

Most cars of the current day will easily last 200K and beyond, including Chebbies. They may not last that long if the owner doesn't keep up the maintenance, drives in areas where the roads are constantly doused in salt during winter, and/or hits lots of potholes, however.

Do you have a link to a website that has stats on this?

Or did you and/or a coupla friends have experiences with this "Chebbies fall apart before 150K syndrome?" That would merely be "anecdotal evidence" if that's the case, you know.

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Re: Chevy inconsistencies.

Aw this made me tear up.

My first Car was a Chevy Cavalier.

I loved it.

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