The Third Man : on Neflix US Feb 1st!!

on Neflix US Feb 1st!!

do yourself a favor and watch this all time classic! One of my favorites.

Re: on Neflix US Feb 1st!!


...But I have the "Criterion Collection" DVP with extras, so I had other means of watching it when I wanted. Still, though, it's good that it's available to the masses.

That's just more people to complain about the score! (a score which I enjoy, BTW).

A new way of watching.

I started watching it on Netflix, and to my great surprise...

All of the German (and some Russian) dialog is subtitled, with no way to turn them off!

So I'm reading dialog that I never understood before. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a different experience from all the other times I've watched this movie.

Re: A new way of watching.

I noticed as well, pretty cool!

On a side note, really a shame that IMDB is punishing majority of civilized people discussing a great movie like this by taking away message boards.