Politics : Fuck Israel and the USA

Fuck Israel and the USA

When Hezbollah defeated Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bIt2eblH88 Fucken beautiful

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She is a sikh indian woman who hates muslims sikhs and muslims have long history of hate

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she doesnt pray to shiva or visnu or any other caste mandated bullshit.

shes team america all the way!

she takes a knee for the bearded redeemer.

jesus christ

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in front she is a jesus worshiper

in reality she worships guru nanak!


Dirty spirits of this world belong to this world only

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Nikki Haley is our national embarrassment. It's so obvious who she's shilling for (hint: it's not Trump and it's certainly not America).

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your source is corrupted:it is an iranian funded/controlled propaganda outfit.

1. i dont care about "palestine" or any other concept/category derived from it.

2. i fully support Palestinian refugee resettlement in Canada, British Occupied Ireland, russia, china, and, of course, Iran. Until these countries assume full responsibility for these millions of displaced people, there's no justice.

3. i dont care about Israel as Israel: the bible is false and therefore any arguments which use the bible as either premises or conclusions are invalid.

4. i support israel as a regional counter threat to russian, iranian, arabian expansionism and influence.

5. american evangelicals have captured american foreign policy and currently hold it hostage. They view israel as a necessary part of their theological narrative which posits that israel must exist and be threatened in order to bring about final judgment.

6. the world needs a non fossil fuel alternative. iunfortunately, thermodynamics says that carbon-based fuels store more energy per unit volume than other sources. therefore, unless you want to carry that new refrigerator on your back, the gas-powered vehicle is here to stay.

7. the u.s. should have taken the arab and iranian oil fields immediately after both wwi and wwii.

8. the u.s. should take saudi oil now.

9. world salvation requires the elimination of arab petro states by whatever means necessary to achieve victory.

10. the crusades were theologically just. however, they were waged unjustly.

11. those countries that wish to survive must commit to a new crusader mentality and a new series of crusades.

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Dirty spirits of this world belong to this world only

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I crushed the pathetic loser troll Cuck_Venom and rebuilt him as my toilet

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**** it, im going to call your mother and tell her that you are not behaving yourself. Tell me again exactly what beaten and abused womans shelter she now lives in? i heard she got kicked out of the one in northampton's trinity upper because of a ' toilet abortion incident ' or something?

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She is the best! Fuck the Palestinians! Bunch of uncivilized terrorists.

"I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, and I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit." -A fucking idiot

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