Sports : Being a Seahawks fan

Being a Seahawks fan

I am pissed and truly feel that the last touchdown the Broncos got was a gift from the refs , on that note I really see why a lot of people don't like Seahawks fans ,they seem overly entitled. AND they think Wilson played crappy today ?3 touchdowns, yes 2 Interceptions but still a 93 rating,stupid fans .They only lost by 3 , on the road at 5000 feet elevation. Stupid fans need to chill ,they will be fine.

Re: Being a Seahawks fan

I used to be a seahawks fan till they dismantled the team. Sherman was the last straw. Now I wish they become lower than the browns.

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Re: Being a Seahawks fan

I can see Wilson walking at the end of this season if Pete Carroll stays,the dude must be sick of having a shit o line .