Animation : Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

Hello, Everyone out there. My name is Nick Cunningham or Nick for short.

I May be a fan of the land before time series, But there is a very famous cartoon since 1980.

I miss it very much!

It is the care bears family made by Nelvana company in the 80's.

I know some of the actors are sadly gone. Some are still around and that gives me hope that it is not too late.

For anyone on this website knows how to buy Property or copyrights of owning and recreating an 80's tv show or cartoon, I would love to know if it's possible to do such a thing like that.

The reason is I missed 1980's animation and would try to do anything to have it back.

I am going to try and try to find a way to make a way.

I know Money is not always an answer, But to some companies, it is.

I am soon going to be the one and only riches member of My family.

My simple questions are:

1. How to buy a tv show that has not had any episodes for like about 2 years?
2. How to buy the copyrights and permission to recreate an 80's show?
3. How do i do it?
4. How much it cost?
5. If anyone who knows a lot about copyrights and recreating Shows from the 80's, I would love your greatest support of them all.

Remember, This is for everyone who misses the 80's animation of Nelvana!

Nick Cunningham

Re: Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

American Greetings owns the rights to Care Bears. The cost would be at least as much money as they think they can make from selling Care Bears merchandise.

Re: Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

I would like it if Netflix and Amazon Prime had both the DiC and Nelvana Care Bears though

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Re: Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

And by merchandise, do you mean films, games and tv series commercials?

Re: Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

Everything that they might think there is a market for. But right now I don't think they sell a lot of Care Bears themed products.

Re: Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

I have some a very good friend named Adam on Deviantart named Shrekrulez. To me, He makes the best care bears stories and i will do anything in my power to make the wishes come true.

He lives in New York.

He maybe do some art not really for kids. To me, He does his best and i will always be his friends.

Look for him on deviantart for care bears fanfictions.

I am kinda sick and tired of picturing the stories though to never come true in my imagination.

So with rich money that i will have very soon, I will make billions of children happy.

So far, He has not written any more episodes since 2017.

But i will do whatever it takes to bring the 80's back to life.

Does anyone know if the 1980's animation like they used in care bears still around and useful?

I would love to know.

Re: Bring Back 1980's animated Care Bears!

. I don't know when the money will arrive, But It won't be long. I will have it to give something to the people. Especially the children.