Pocketful of Miracles : DVD version missing scene?

DVD version missing scene?

I've read in customer reviews that the rescue scene (where the mayor and governor attend the reception) is missing on some DVD version. Does anyone have details on this -- is there a DVD to avoid and one to look for? Any info would be appreciated.

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I actually hadn't heard that, I have the 2001 MGM release of PoM, and that scene is most assuredly NOT missing! :) I can't imagine why it would be put out without that scene, it's one of the key scenes in the whole movie.

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The scene is present on my DVD as well.

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I just saw the movie on tv, and although the scene you mention is intact, it came without adequate explanation; There seemed to be nothing but trouble a moment before , and suddenly everyone's getting along like family. Although I saw the theatrical release, I can't remember that far back. Was there another scene that would sense of the happy ending?

walter brennan

is that walter brennan on the skate board in the begining of the movie. no credit listing.

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In the movie I gathered that Dave the Dude decided to tell everyone why he was doing what he was doing and the mayor, governor and commissioner felt it was a good idea so they went along with it.

Would have been nice if they explained it.

Similar ending in "It's a Wonderful Life" Everything looking down and then all their friends show up. Only some of the characters say how they learned of George's dilemma.

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Old thread but here's a reply. I believe the film has two versions, the original and the public domain version. The DVD box pictured on IMDB is the original version while a PD version released everywhere else is the version missing the scene. You want the MGM version if you want it unedited.

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Much delayed thanks for responding to an old thread. I do check them and appreciate it.

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