Music General : Poll: What will you do now?

Poll: What will you do now?

How the West Was Won for me.

I will join a new website with other refugees who left IMDb. Sure, times will be harsh. We won't have much, but we will have each other. And eventually, our new home will be better than the old one ever was.

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Now I'll hit the Hut.

"Worthington, we're being attacked by giant bats!"

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Probably just Facebook and Twitter though I'd be open to a music board forum if enough other peeps are there. Especially want to keep up with a few of you who aren't on Facebook (like DrBlade and Fontinau, unless the latter has changed since we talked last.)


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I will be staying with facebook (already have a few music boarders as friends there)
Probably won't have the time or energy to seek out other forums for the time being, what with my daughter's wedding and now possibly a surgery at some stage.
But perhaps in the future.........who knows?
So, it's been a pleasure NJtoTX, you've always been a fixture around here and a familiar face for me.
Take care of yourself

rock and
RIP Mike 1957 - 2012

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I'll be glad.

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One site will not be able to fill the void that will be left by IMDB. I guess I will be more active on facebook, youtube, yelp, google reviews, etc.. And I am going to spend more time on I would post the link, but that site is down at the moment.