Music General : Thanks for the memories from Joker's Wilde….

Thanks for the memories from Joker's Wilde….

I have been posting on here for about 13 years. Yet, I only just started posting on the Music General board for a few months. I had posted on this board once in awhile in the past, but had lost the link to the board.

I mean, primarily, I would answer certain polls that pertained to me. If it didn't, I wouldn't post.

In fact, this board got me into a local band that I hadn't heard of before. Actually, I might have, but because of the name, I didn't think much of it:

The Birthday Massacre

I was probably thinking...Massacre....they probably sing from the diaphragm.

I was pleasantly surprised!

Anyway...I'm rambling....

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this, albeit for a very short time.

Thank you for the memories. Until we see each other again...

Joker's Wilde

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