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Thanks people

I'm sure none will give a toss, but I just thought I'd bid you all farewell as this is the last day I can post.

I've really enjoyed the debates / arguments, have learned a great deal, & apologise for any unnecessary hostility, arrogance or rudeness.

With good wishes to you all,

fud (Richard).

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Re: Thanks people

Bye fud, it's been nice to know you -- but will you join one of the alternative boards? A lot of us are on other boards under our same names so that we don't have to lose the community. Would be nice to still get to hang out with you.

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Best to you.

Now, many years after our first argument, are there any film scores that you would consider on a par with classical program music, e.g. ballet music?

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Re: Thanks people

Even though I've been only posting here regularly for a few months, I'll just say it was good to have you in on the conversation.

BTW, I'm still standing behind my prediction that the boards will be back up and running....around March 20th. I give it a month before they realize that the boards are the bread and butter of this site.

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Re: Thanks people

Peace out.

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Something tells me you're not on Facebook or wouldn't be interested even if you were, but you should join the group dude. Just in case...

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So long!

Re: Thanks people

Cheers, fud.

I'll miss your posts about classical music the most. Learned quite a bit from you.

You're my wife now.

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