Sam Kindseth : Great job as Dustin Diamond/Screech

Great job as Dustin Diamond/Screech

I thought his performance as Dustin Diamond was great. He not only looked the part but carried a certain vulnerability to the role. Not only was he the outcast on the show, he felt much the same way in real life.

I hate it that he turned to drugs and alcohol (depicted in the movie). I also hate that he seems to be very bitter regarding his Saved by the Bell past and his feeling typecast by the role of Samuel "Screech" Powers.

Sam, great job playing the part. No question Dustin was very proud of your performance. I look forward to seeing you in many more roles in the future. :)

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Re: Great job as Dustin Diamond/Screech

Yeah, I agree. His performance was good. He's a very good actor that should have more roles.

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