The Sound of Music : Max Detweiler

Max Detweiler

Have a question about the fictional Max Detweiler. He claimed to love being around rich people & even referred to himself as a sponge yet in the play he sang the lyrics that he & Elsa were both millionaires. Song: How Can Love Survive. Was he wealthy or poor?

Re: Max Detweiler

Max was poor. When he comes to the line "Trapped by our capital gains are we", he turns his empty pockets inside out.

But I can understand the confusion, having heard the song before seeing either the play or film, it sounds as if its a duet by 2 millionaires.

Re: Max Detweiler

He sort of speaks the "language" of his rich hosts; but as he admitted, he is a poor, working man, having to earn his bread as an impressario. But he's a hanger-on to the rich.