The Sound of Music : I want to star in The Charmian Carr Story!

I want to star in The Charmian Carr Story!

I am very much mistaken for Charmian or Lisel. Thus, I want to star in The Charmian Carr story, or the remake! How do I get started on this??

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Oh my God!
You're gonna be kidnapped! :D
She was one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my whole life.

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She's beautiful but I think it might be a sad and strange story. She's raised by a manipulative stage mother. She's not as driven as her two sisters, but she lands her big break in the Sound of Music. Later she describes a crush on the co-star playing her father (I suspect she either invented the crush to sell books, or was delusionally one-sided despite what she pretends, because it couldn't be clearer Plummer was utterly blindsided and WTF when she came out with that.) She then has to seek the help of her female co-star (Julie Andrews) to get out of a contract so she can take another job (Evening Primrose). On that job, it is obvious to all she has a crush on THAT co-star (Anthony Perkins). Perkins is oblivious. He's gay.

Her two sisters start having successful careers in show business, but while still at a young age, Carr's career comes to a halt. She marries, has children, and starts working with Michael Jackson as an interior decorator. Jackson's interest in her as a decorator is really his interest in her as Liesl. Still later, reminiscing as "Liesl" becomes a side career - writing a couple of memoirs, making annual personal appearances. She continues her decorating businesses but also suffers from depression.

I know she died of dementia at quite a young age. I wonder if whatever caused her dementia also caused her depression, and I wonder when her depression began, and if it influenced her dropping out of show business.

Was reading that Robin Williams had Lewy bodies, which causes dementia. Before he took his own life, he had struggled a lot with anxiety and depression when young. Anyway, that is why I think Carr's story would be sad. I think she was very fragile and not all there all the time, even when younger.

I'm curious about her husband, what kind of man she married. In "Forever Liesl" she makes such a big deal about her interest in all these older man, playing up any interest they may have in her or that she imagines from them, so I wonder if she married an older guy or not.