The Sound of Music : When I viewed this as a child

When I viewed this as a child

40-ish years ago, when it came on tv, our parents used to let us stay up and watch The Sound of Music pretty much every time it aired.

My childish mind, viewing the wedding, used to think that the nuns were singing "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" right at her wedding! I used to think "Oh my how mean, at her wedding!".

I think, about the 4th or 5th time I saw this, after suffering in silence at that part, I vocalized my sadness to my mother, and she laughed and explained that it was a song played for our benefit not an "at the wedding" scene.

What a relief!

Re: When I viewed this as a child

I remember watching this movie several times as a child. I don't think I was able to watch it all the way through without falling asleep for many years. I missed the whole 'fleeing from the nazis' plotline...

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Re: When I viewed this as a child

Isn't is just the tune on pipe organ or something? No lyrics. Surely the people in charge must have decided of all the shows tone to orchestrate for the wedding, it makes the most sense. No lyrics of course. Any of the Richard Rodgers 3/4 time tunes wouldn't be appropriate for the occasion. It needed to be upbeat. They already re-used and manipulated "Goatherd" for the ball scene.