The Sound of Music : The Thrills Are Alive

The Thrills Are Alive

I can't believe that people are willing to crap on this classic family film because it doesn't conform to their idea of worthwhile blockbuster entertainment.

Still, for a movie that has singing nuns as heroines and (not surprising) nazis as the arch villains, it fulfills every expectation for a DVD night full of fun: it is wonderfully paced with great performances, marvelous songs and lyrics, perfect chemistry, gorgeous scenery, some political tension, a lot of romance, wry humor, as well as a happy ending. Best of all, it is actually a true story, although some of what is depicted never actually happened. But, of course, nearly all true-life stories brought to the screen have some sort of fiction or revision in them. Why should The Sound of Music be any different?

Re: The Thrills Are Alive

I Agee. This movie is a classic. One of the best movies ever made. Haters will be haters... Just ignore them and keep on lovin' it! : )